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  1. Who Was Better: Guerrero or Jericho?

    In my last blog the big debate was; who was better: Triple H or Edge? The people spoke and the outcome was…..

    DRAW! Both ‘The Game’ and the ‘Rated R Superstar’ gained six votes, while three people couldn’t decide.

    Thanks for all the comments, opinions and the votes. I’m trying to get as many people to vote as possible to make for a more interesting comparison. ...
  2. The Raw Review 4/9/2012

    The Raw Review 4/09/2012

    WWE Monday Night RAW 4/9/2012
    The Verizon Center Washington, DC.

    1. Big Johnny comes out to start tonight's episode. He has theme music now and boy does it suck. Johnny welcomes Brock Lesnar back to the WWE and

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  3. "Down Under Wonder" Face it.......Heel's are just more fun.

    So the 2nd episode of RAW following Wrestlemania has me pondering why on earth anyone would want the role of a face in the current WWE climate. Let's take CM Punk for example. During his SES and New Nexus runs the majority of adult wrestling fans clung to this man as the greatest thing wrestling had seen in nearly a decade. They marveled over his technical prowess in the ring. They cheered his "in ...
  4. The Double Edge Sword 2: David Otunga

    Having just watched Monday Night Raw, I can't help but get a little draw-in to the WWE's story lines. I guess they are doing a great job to get the audience to believe the content if I want to see Otunga get destroyed by Cena as fodder. Well, that's the wrestler/superstar David Otunga. To be honest, I want to like him as a heel, but I feel he is being forced with Johnny Ace to get the associated heat. ...
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  5. RAW Reflections - April 9, 2012

    OPENING THOUGHT: This weeks episode of RAW featured three stooges to many, I would really like it if the WWE stopped with all these shameless D list celebrities promoting their crappy movies and TV shows that nobody watches, cares about or has even heard of. It really takes away from wants going on with the superstars who people pay to see. nobody goes to WWE events because can kill two birds with ...
  6. Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

    Brock 3, Cena 0. Why three and not two you ask? It’s simple (and effective, much like Lesnar); The Pain (as he shall be known herein) made Cena bleed in a single UFC-inspired punch five minutes into tonight’s Raw, subsequently breaking the PG tag which Vince and his cronies have worked so hard to maintain over the past few years. Okay, so maybe it’s jumping the gun to say Lesnar has broken

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  7. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up everybody? It is time for another edition of Uncooked, and instead of me going on some schpeel, I'm just going to get right into it!

    The Bad

    Lord Tensai
    That is right, after only debuting last week, this guy to me has already become ...
  8. The Abdominal Stretch: Nothing Catchy, Just Pure

    Welcome fans of the wrestling world, universe, and beyond. The Saviour here bringing more perspectives that are just, Pure. This is the second post with my new format to create more discussion and bring more opinions and perspectives to light.

    Without further adieu, let's get started.

    Why the John Laurenaitis/Teddy Long Angle?

    OKay, in my opinion, John Laurenaitis ...
  9. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    1) Build superstars of the future; don’t make them over night.
    Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!This simple statement was the spark needed to ignite a fuse. The fuse burned, not too slow and not too fast. Austin may have won the King of the Ring, but they weren’t pushing him to the stars. The fans were adding the fuel to the fire. Much like the suspense you feel waiting for the ...
  10. Re-booking history: Sean O'Haire

    Hello blog readers. I hope you guys had a great Easter last Sunday! Today, I want to do a re-booking history scenario. I know I haven't done re-booking history blogs in a while but I'll start doing them more often. A past character I'm going to re-book his none other than Sean O'Haire.

    Sean O'Haire

    Sean O'Haire's

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