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  1. The 5 Most Underrated Tag Teams of All Time

    Hey guys, hope all is well, Knox here. I'm blogging on tag teams this week. Lookout for "The 5 Worst Tag Teams of All Time" as well. Hope you enjoy this small series. For this blog in particular I'm touching on the most underrated teams. The majority of my list will consist from the 80s which is before I was born but I still know a little bit of something from that time, hope you enjoy. ...

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  2. It's Monday and I'm Not Excited

    Well fans. I'm usually very enthusiastic about Mondays for obvious reasons. It is the day that the supposedly "Best" wrestling show of the week takes place. I use "best" very loosely because not much about WWE has been worthy of "best" in my eyes recently. The only thing that could be considered "best", is Miami's crowd the night after WM. That was the best ...
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  3. Scott Steiner: Bitter Without A Cause

    I just finished an article on Scott Stiener's recent Twitter postings RE: TNA, etc, and it got me thinking, just how bitter is this guy and what really does he have to be so angry about ?

    Steiner has been brutal towards TNA booking, etc. Regardless of wether you think they have done a good or bad job overall lately in that area, Steiner never once has thanked or acknowledged in ...
  4. STATE OF THE 'E: Can The 'E Be Fixed?

    Welcome, welcome one and all to the often imitated but NEVER DUPLICATED blog version of STATE OF THE 'E!! I as always am your traveling circus salesmen, Rated_R(ob)ko! In this edition of my blog I'm going to weigh on something personal, THE STATE OF THE 'E...

    Yes. I have been following this company for the better part of 23 years. From infancy all the way to this week. And in early 2011 ...
  5. A Death In The Impact Zone

    What's up everyone, Just figured I'd spare sometime to write a little blog about the latest news story about TNA deciding to not have any on the road Impacts planned for the foreseeable future.

    Right, to start off the reason behind them not going to move forward with Impacts on the road is because the ratings haven't improved. Let's get this straight they have taped Impact on the road ...

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  6. WBC Top 5 Series #2: Top 5 Draft Picks

    What is up everyone!!? Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I know I am. It is time for another edition of the Wrestling Blog Challenge. First off, incase I don't mention it in further blogs, I wanted to say a big shout out and kudos to last weeks challenger wrestlingfan66513. ...
  7. Top 5 Wrestlers That Need to Stay off Twitter

    Wrestlers on Twitter is one of the most annoying things about twitter. Twitter makes you understand just how bitter, Childish and stupid wrestlers really are. Here is the Top 5 that destroyed what ever respect that had once they joined The Social media Giant that is "Twitter"... This is just refering to Twitter not Shoot interviews or Youtube accounts.

  8. TNA REstarted

    Here is my first blog and i hope yall take the time to read it and at least like it.

    I'm a wrestling fan since I was 4 and been a fan of wcw and wwf since the early 90's so I've seen it all. I also a fan of TNA as well as ROH and WWE so here is my take on TNA

    I read a lot about rebuilding TNA but they really don't have to fire / hire people, they can actually use them CORRECTLY. ...
  9. Super Kick 2: Tagging In-Bringing Tag Team Wrestling Back to Life

    Oh, you didn't know?(like really, you didn't know that tag team wrestling sucks nowadays) Your ass better call somebody!!!!

    Hey guys, HB-Dre here with another edition of Super Kick. Thanks for all the feedback on my first Super Kick about revamping WWE's PPV product, but the past is in the past so lets move on to Super Kick 2, and my thoughts on whats wrong with tag team wrestling. ...
  10. Wrestlemania 29 Build Up, Match Card, and Booking (Part 1, Main Events)

    Hello one and all. Usually, Wrestlemania match cards start circulating around January. I for one, love creating match cards, and with 3 main events already rumored, I knew I'd make a blog on the subject. Some of the rumored matches (Brock/Austin, Punk/Austin, and Taker/Cena), I've kept the same, while others I've changed. Thanks for reading.

    Main Event #1: John Cena vs. The Undertaker ...

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