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  1. WM 29: An Attempt At A Realistic Booking.

    Hi, this blog will be my booking of Wrestlemania 29; I have tried to make it as realistic as possible whilst still having good matches, hope you'll enjoy!


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  2. Jason's Thoughts: Final Resolution 2012

    Kaz vs James Storm
    The mic work between the two before the match was pretty entertaining and when the match itself happened there was tons of awesome moves. I was very into what the two were doing and it was a great way to open the show.
    Rating: 3/5 stars

    RVD vs Kenny King (X Divison title match)
    Great match i was at the edge of my seat,tons of action and felt like a ...
  3. The Snake Pit. What is wrestling to you?

    Welcome to another edition of The Snake Pit. Today I am going to ask and hopefully answer the question, What is wrestling? When I ask this question I am not talking about is it real, fake, or scripted. I am sure we all know the answer to that. What I am asking is what kind of product should the WWE, TNA, ROH and so on put on TV.

    Now before I get deep into this I will start out by telling ...
  4. IN THE ZONE: Gotham in WWE

    i Will admit i am a bit nervous please excuse the small mistakes and be easy... but Before anything, id first like to say that ive been on this site for a while, reading not only blogs but comments and replies. I am always so intrigued by what kind of things people say, sometimes i laugh , sometimes i agree, and then sometimes i don't..but i respect each opinion nonetheless.
    ever since the time ...
  5. Fall of an Empire-WWE

    WWE ratings are failing...retired wrestlers or guys not wrestling come in and Main Event PPV(Taker/ROCK)...Build up for feuds end with injuries to BIG stars (CENA/PUNK)...taking the best FACE in yrs and making him, outta no where, a "PUNK"...the product is no longer believeable!

    Save it by turning it over to the young guys, pass the torch to Ziggler, memebers of the Shield, ...
  6. Creative aspect of Raw, what it should be series Return!

    Raw 10/12/12: Newark, NJ- Prudential Center:

    Hey, I'm back after a two month hiatus, I'm going to try my best every two weeks or possibly weekly to write an episode of Raw, based from the previous actual Raw. Please post your comments, thoughts and opinions, they are much appreciated and help me improve my blogs and keep me motivated as they do take time to write and produce.
  7. The Great Khali and the Emerging Indian Market for WWE...

    Hi there to wrestling fans from all over the globe....I'm Sahu posting my second ever blog. I thank each and every one on this forum for giving good response to my previous blog. I really appreciate all the bloggers here for the time and effort they put in writing a blog.

    What is this blog all about??

    This blog is all about my analysis of Professional Wrestling’s Market ...

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  8. WWE RAW 12/3 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Horrid 2.5 Returns!

    Hey readers. Missed me? Of course you did. Apologies for the lack of breakdown blogs. I've been swamped with end-of-the-year exams and papers. But now that's taken care of -- time to make up for my absence and FEED YOU SOME NUMBERS!

    But before we get to that. Got a favor to ask. I'm doing a CM Punk Montage video on youtube and I'd like get as many people involved in it as possible. Those

    Updated 12-10-2012 at 10:35 AM by Wrestling_Deluxe_08

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  9. Sudden Impact and Final Resolution Predictions

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA and ....okay. I'm going to stop right there, because if there's one thing that's evident, it's I better never speak ill of a certain company or certain superstars. I don't want all the people that hate my blogs *even though they read them anyway* to get into a frenzy because I dared not like one of their elite. ...
  10. Jason's Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 12-6-12

    Bad Influnce & Roode/AJ segment
    Great segment, nice mic work and back and forth i was really into it.
    Rating: 3/5 stars good.

    Aries segment
    Decent at best it was nothing really special in my opinion, not Aries best work.
    Rating: 2/5 stars meh.

    Devon vs Samoa Joe (TV title)
    This match was just a plain old brawl but it got me wondering and ...

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