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  1. State Of THE 'E: A Spring/Summer To Be Leary Of

    We all know the goings on of THE 'E. They're currently in panic mode. One of their "go to" biggest stars just had to retire out of the blue when he was hoping to have a couple more years left in the tank. With them not having a great lineup on Smackdown!, they shifted into "Draft" mode. We can all see it coming. I know people are pointing Cena to Smackdown!. Seriously? No. He's ...
  2. Dream matches: WWTNA's prediction

    As I was thinking about Rock/Cena's match, I got to thinking that this was a match people have wanted to happen and have really pushed for this match since Rock came back to WWE. It really took so long for this match to happen and now it will happen at Wrestlemaina 28. This goes to show you that ...

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  3. R-Truth Heel Turn: Expect Big Things

    Hows it goin guys! The IWC in buzzing over R-Truth's heel turn. I'm not the biggest fan but the guy is a stud in the ring. Lord knows he was in need of a new gimick and hopefully this does the trick.

    The main reason the world is buzzing is because HE SMOKED A CIGARETTE ON PG PROGRAMMING.
    Negative or not, this garnered major heat from the little cry baby organizations around ...
  4. Dream Card: TNA Slammiversary 2011

    TNA heavywieght championship
    RVD(c) vs Samoa Joe
    This is a dream match for any true wrestling fan! Plus I love to see Samoa Joe kick RVD boring ass! Im not one of the marks that complains alot but RVD is not entertaining on the mic or the ring just so dull, given the right opponet he can perform but its average at his best and i want to see him beat sting at Sacrifice and go into Slammiversary ...

    Updated 04-21-2011 at 09:59 AM by Frank

  5. Smack Talk: WWE Situations 4/21/11

    I've been a WWE fan my whole life, and I read alot of dirt sheets, and as far as I can tell I am in pretty in the know, as much as an IWC fan can be. That being said, I've never participated in the community until now.

    I've decided to run down my thoughts on various people and situations of relevance in the WWE universe.

    1. "Moron"son.

    Are you ...
  6. WWE's Roster>TNA's roster

    Hey, my name is WWTNA. I know what your thinking, "Great, another TNA bashing thread." Thats not the case in this matter. This is just a blog to really look into the hype of TNA's roster. Lets begin:

    So I hear people saying that TNA has the best roster right now but creatives just doesn't use them to there full potential. Do they really have the best roster though? I mean ...

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  7. WWE: The IWC's crush on Zack Ryder

    I saw a question asked in the forum recently (paraphrased): "I've been away for awhile, what's the deal with everyone loving Zack Ryder? I don't get it." and then someone replied with a link to his channel on YouTube. However, I thought it did bring up a quandary. How did Zack Ryder go from "Who?" to "US/IC Title, NOW!" in as little as 9 weeks in the eyes of the IWC's ...
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  8. Sin Cara: Worth the hype???

    I write this with Rick stars recent blog in mind. "Not cutting the mustard" doesnt even cut the mustard when referencing our latest WWE Debut, Sin Cara.
    I totally agree with Rick, i have been completely dissapointed when it comes to what we have been shown to date, and its not his super hero outfit (ive seen some awsome luchadore outfits and this one to me just looks like he was taken ...

    Updated 04-20-2011 at 08:54 AM by Frank

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  9. WWE: RAW Review, April 18th

    I need to start out by saying I am a huge fan of the WWE and Raw in particular and unlike most I believe the WWE has been on form for quite a while. However, I have to say tonight's show from London absolutely sucked. First of all the crowd were awful. They were flat as a pancake all night which didn't help one bit, but far as I'm concerned the content was below the standard I have come to know from ...

    Updated 04-19-2011 at 08:20 AM by Frank

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  10. WWE: The Card Game

    Sorry for the bad pun, I couldn't resist. Today's topic is the "Card Game" or rather the different levels a superstar can reach or be in and ways to achieve them.

    The WWE likes to call these "Enhancement Talent", but most of the IWC and older fans call them what they are: Jobbers. Jobbers come in multiple "flavors", but I'll highlight the ...
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