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  1. "Gimmicks"

    Hello to all of the Ewrestling news nation. This is my very first blog & I hope
    you guys and gals enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment afterwards and thanx for taking time out of your day or night to read it. A little bit of history about me: Fan of ROH, TNA, WWE, NJPW...Pretty much any promotion that puts on good matches. I've been a fan for about twelve years yada, yada enough about ...

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  2. WILL we see a Punk/Austin feud?

  3. TNA, WTF episode 2: the SHOCKING RETURN of Mr. Anderson

    OK guys, I'ma generally try and keep all these WTFs short, sweet, and nasty. This one, however, is gonna be a more meaty post because there's some shit going on here that disturbs me.

    Here's the nutshell: 2 weeks ago Kenny Anderson gets beat down by Immortal. IMPACT this Thursday we're shown these little shots of combat boots walking throughout the show. Then in the Immortal match here ...

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  4. Sin Cara Sent Home: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

    Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the "original" Sin Cara, was set home from the taping of SmackDown! in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this past Tuesday. Sources say that he left the arena before the event was over.

    There's been a story making the rounds regarding something that happened at the SD! tapings. It's all over the net and there's hardly any way to avoid it. Since it's a ...
  5. TNA X Division

    Hey all !

    So , as you see in the title I will deal with the TNA X Division

    Everybody seems to be happy that TNA brings back X Division but ... as a hater that I am (I prefer say it myself before someone say it) : I don't like it.

    If I don't like it it's not because I don't like the 5 new guys who joined the X Division , oh no ! 'cause they all have good ...
  6. Turtle Time: Wrestlemania X-Seven DVD review part 2

    I apologize for over-blogging, but doing this in under 4 parts is looking pretty impossible. As an example the whole European title and the two segments after that were apart of part 1 but it was a 1753 characters over, so it's on part 2 now. But anyway lets get on with the review (trying to keep the intros short, sorry) . . .

    WWF European Title: Test vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/ Perry Saturn) ...

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  7. Turtle Time: Wrestlemania X-Seven DVD review part 1

    Hello me again back with another review. This time it's a pretty major one to say the least, widely considered one of the best PPV events of all time Wrestlemania X-seven. Now i'm going to keep this pretty brief because this is a 11 match card, and including extras it's going to be tough to keep this within 3 parts.

    But lets get on with the card . . .

    Hype package hits ...

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  8. Royal Rumbe 2012

    Firstly I will start with who I think will win the Rumble, eventhough it is a long way away, think the Rock will win it, heres why I think this.
    We all know Daniel Bryan will cash in his MITB at WM28, so a smackdown guy wont be winning the rumble. Which brings me to the WWE title...

    When Cena won the title from Miz he stated that he would keep it untill mania (which he obv lost) ...
  9. Will The Miz be known as a "Glorified Tag Team Wrestler"

    Hey guys Knox here. I'm here to blog about the career of the Miz for a couple seconds. Now the Miz is one of my favorites so I feel its time to address this whole Tag Team situation. He was made into a bonifide maineventer only be thrown back into another tag team which is something I have trouble in understanding.

    First The Miz was with John Morrison, then The Big Show, briefly ...
  10. Was That A Poot? Blog 2: TNA, Will January Be Too Late?

    Hey guys it's the Poot-Hair again and after the relative success of my first blog I decided to give it a second go. If this works out pretty well I plan on writing a weekly/bi-monthly blogs on anything I deem blog worthy

    First and foremost let me say that I am not a WWE, TNA, or RoH mark. I am a Pro Wrestling mark. I mark out for all the drama, suspense, and in-ring action that we've ...

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