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  1. WWE superstars that deserve the Intercontinental/US Champion title shot

    Hey guys, I'll be talking about the superstars that deserve a Intercontinental or United States Champion shot so I hope you enjoy!

    The reason why I didn't do the World Champion is because most of the time, future talents always win a mid-card title before the big push

    Alex Riley - This guy is absolutely amazing. Decent in-ring abilities, mic skills are ok, he has good ...
  2. Does the WWE have us fooled?

    I was thinking last night what if they have fooled us into thinking HHH is a face then shocking us with him turning heel...wouldn't be the first time.

    The best storyline they have had in years is the CM Punk vs WWE and it seemed to end and now CM Punk is more of a Cena type of face. That got me thinking what if we are the short sited ones and this storyline is still going and we will ...

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  3. Hogan and TNA - a random first blog.

    I think the main question remains this; "When do your modern day actions begin to eclipse your legacy?"

    I don't think you can question Hogan's impact (no pun intended). Not just on the wrestling world and how it works, it's global appeal (no matter how much it's dwindled) or the fact that he helped take Wrestling into mainstream culture. Those facts are irrefutable, but it ...
  4. WWE's Unfair Wellness Policy

    Hey guys Knox here. Today I'm bloggin on WWE's Wellness policy. Recently we've seen guys like Mike Chioda, TE winner Andy, Heath Slater, Sin Cara and Darren Young all be suspended for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy.

    I think this definitely brings up something to discuss seeing as those names mentioned above are all new guys/midcarders or jobber and a referee. We need to discuss ...

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  5. Who is the Best Wrestler of the 90's.. Part 2

    Sorry. I wrote this a week ago and it was never posted so i re posted it

    This is Part 2 of Who is the greatest Wrestler of the 90's.... We end it here with the Hart Brothers Starting with Owen.

    Owen Hart
    What a decade Owen had, He was apart ...
  6. Top 10 Entrance Music in WWE, TNA, WCW from Established Bands

    This is opinionated, so if you think I forgot something put it in the comments. I am 19 so I haven't be around long but I will try to include as many as I could think of. Here are the rules: I will only use bands that made music for a superstar or superstars only (No PPV songs). Nothing from artists that only make wrestling music (Jim Johnston, Jimmy Hart, etc.) and they. Finally no songs performed ...
  7. Top 5 WWE/WWF Tag Teams

    Everything in this blog entry is clearly my opinion and not based on fact.
    This is a list of my favourite 5 all time tag teams.

    This list is not about who has better on the mic or in the ring, but who I personally found more entertaining. I don't care if they are the best wrestlers but if they are boring then I don't count them, I only added those who I enjoyed watching and who ...

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  8. Hulkamaina 2011

    First things first, I understand that every side has 3 stories (my side, your side and the truth) and despite drinking haterade I acknowledge I am just a fan, nothing more nothing less and could not do the stuff these guys do. I am just a critic.

    So the world is in an uproar over Hogan vs Styles via Twitter? The issue is AJ has helped build TNA and Hogan walked in and gets ...
  9. The WWE Is Currently At A Crossroads

    WWE TV as of lately has been quite interesting. While the shows may not have been pleasing to watch, as a fan I have been given numerous reasons to tune in every week. WWE has capitalized on their social media resources and managed to keep fans (even internet smarks) guessing and interested. How do you that? Create questions, and don't answer them. Only bring up the question weekly to remind fans ...

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  10. Bound For Glory Review: Greatest PPV of 2011?

    Hey guys Knox here, just seen BFG and I am absolutely baffled at how freaking amazing this was. I'm a WWE mark for sure and I tolerate TNA but they delivered big time. Easily better than Wrestlemania and I stand by that.

    The Hogan face turn was priceless yet predictable and everything else was freaking sweet. Can I please run you through this match by match?

    Just a ...

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