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  1. WWE: The Most Improved Stars of 2011

    As usual I always like to take a different route with my blogs. Since everyone else is talking about Kane, John Cena, TLC, Top Heels and World Champs, I thought I would focus on a more 'traditional' topic:

    As a disclaimer focus on the 'most improved' part, some great stars might be lower on this list or omitted because they we're already good to begin with and didn't improve much on ...
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  2. My top 5 moments of 2011

    Hey guys I'm back with another blog and as it is the end of the year I thought I would let you know my top 5 moments of 2011 this could includes matches promos see what you think.


    I put this in purely for the shock value John Cena and CM Punk put in yet another great match and it seemed CM Punk was champion ...
  3. Why Jobber Why? + I predicted this.

    Hey Everyone. Pretty bad week of wrestling this week. Not much to be happy about. It took me a total of 24 minutes to watch Smackdown. It got mostly fast forwarded because it was just lame. Even the main event. If those 4 wrestlers in the main event represent what the future of WWE holds, then there are some dark days ahead. I know a lot of you reality tv junkies swing from the Ryder tip and have ...
  4. (Current) Wrestlers Who Should Never(Of) Turn(ed) Heel/Face

    Here's a few wrestlers who I don't think should ever of changed to a heel or face.

    Mark Henry
    Whenever he's been a face he's also been a jobber however in his current monster heel run he's been doing great. He's been extremely dominant and I enjoyed the squash he delivered to Orton.

    I enjoyed his previous heel run but they've turned him into a ...
  5. 2011 EWN Slammy Award Results

    Decided to post this mammoth post as a blog as well. On the forums we have just had our Slammy Awards (Since WWE were doing theres lol) Plus its then easier access to go into my blogs if you want to find this months from now. So enjoy.

    Here are the results to the 17 voted slammy award winners.

    Just so everyone knows. I got over 400 votes from 30 members so thank you for making ...

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  6. The New Tag-Team: Epico and Primo w/Rosa Mendes

    It looks like we have a new tag team in the WWE. Last night, Epico and Primo debuted on one of WWE's main television broadcasts (WWE Tribute to the Troops) and had a very impressive showing as they defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions, Air Boom.

    I like this pairing. Besides the fact that any additions to the abysmal tag team division are positive, Epico and Primo seem to have a good ...
  7. Wrestlers I'd like to see in WWE

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. It's no secret that the WWE is the place to be if you want to make it in the wrestling business. It's where the money and exposure is, so naturally people would want to go there. Below is a list of wrestlers I'd love to see go to WWE or return there. I will not be including John Morrison because chances are he's going to end up back there later on. Anyway, ...
  8. A Message to CM Punk

    Earlier this Week I read some of CM Punks Comments from a Recent Interview, In That Interview he spoke about the Rocks Return. This is what CM Punk had to say about The Rocks return.

    "I'm glad he's back. He came back for Survivor Series and people saw me steal the show, so it's a business thing. I'm pissed off that I'm the only one who's pissed off. I'm like, 'Come on guys, don't ...
  9. Did Zack Ryder earn himself a match at Wrestlemania?

    Hey guys, Knox here hoping all is well with the IWC EWN community. One thing that is sacred every year is a Wrestlemania spot. Hell, you could be a top midcarder and still be left off the card of the biggest show of them all. We've seen it over the past. Hell just look at Wrestlemania 27. Sheamus wasn't even on the card.

    In this day & age you have to work your ass off for a ...

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  10. Top 5 WWE Wrestlers Never World Champ

    Before getting to the top 5, he is a quick rundown of #'s 20-6. Check out the past editions of this blog series to read the commentary on each wrestler.

    20. Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    19. Terry Funk
    18. King Kong Bundy
    17. Superfly Jimmy Snuka
    16. Magnificent Don Muraco
    15. Ravishing Rick Rude
    14. Scott Hall
    13. Kerry Von Erich

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