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  1. Best Ways to Turn Face and Heel...Follow Up

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here...*I really need a new name*. I wanted to follow up on my previous blog regarding Face and Heel turns. I did get a lot of positive comments regarding it but I missed a segment and I wanted to add it here.

    First, I want to say that while I did list the 5 best ways to become heel, one of those reasons were not being a baby or a weasel like Daniel ...
  2. Hulk Hogan: Cursed?

    First off, this isn't a blog to tarnish Hulk Hogan's image. I grew up watching him in the 1980's and have fond memories of seeing the Hulkster "hulk up" and come back to beat monster heels.

    It used to be a standard tradition that when you left an area (or organization, to make things simpler), a wrestler would lose his last match before moving on to another area (organization). ...
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  3. The Smackdown Chamber: What No Orton means.

    Spoilers, spoilers: Randy Orton is out of the Chamber because of an injury suffered during/after his match with the Big Show on Monday Night Raw--and he's already been replaced via a Smackdown show. So the new roster is:

    Daniel Bryan (C)
    Wade Barrett
    Cody Rhodes
    Big Show
    Great Khali

    What a chamber, right? If you can't tell, the roster ...

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  4. My tips for WWE storylines and gimmicks...

    First rule of wrestling and building a star, its so much easier to build up a face then it is a heel! With that said...

    Lets start with the big one, John Cena! You have got to turn him heel and you're doing a good job building things after the lip lock with him and Eve but please don't drop the ball! Have Eve and Cena end up becoming a on screen couple, kind of like Macho Man and Sherri ...
  5. $hazBlog: WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

    What's up guys, Shaz11 here with my predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber

    May Contain Spoilers!!!

    1. Beth Phoenix (c) vs Tamina - Divas Champion match
    Hopefully this match gets a good 10-15 minutes, these divas can actually wrestle. So Tamina is finally getting a push! HELL YEAH! Obviously Beth is gonna win this, I think Kharma will come out after the match maybe ...

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  6. WWE: The End of an Era

    Hi all I had these thoughts on my mind all day since I re-watched this morning and I've been thinking about Triple H said to Shawn Michael on raw, which of course was some pretty powerful stuff, scripted or not it hit home for me and I thought I'd share what I've been mooching over in my head.

    Triple H mentioned about it being an end of an era, with himself, Shawn and the undertaker being ...

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  7. An alternate storyline for Undertakers streak

    This is just an alternative storyline for Undertakers streak this year but I fully expect them to do Undertaker vs Triple H (3) and so far I like how the storylines been going.

    The Raw after elimination chamber Triple H comes out and wants Shawn Michaels to apologise for calling him a coward. Michaels comes out and refuses to apologise, He says he knows Triple H can beat the streak and ...

    Updated 02-15-2012 at 05:46 PM by Callum

    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. Piper's Pit: The Main Event Here, Then, and Tommorow

    In my opinion, I am so sick of people praising the attitude era like it's the reincarnation of Jesus himself, so as my second Piper's Pit, I would like to point out the main events of the 80's, 90's, 2000's, 2010's, and The Main Events of tomorrow.

    The 80's
    Hulk Hogan. That's the first thing people think when they think 80's wrestling, now this all happened before I was born, but ...
  9. Ozfan's Opinion - Elimination Chamber 2012 Predictions

    Hello everyone. I'm here with my predictions and some opinions on what I think and what I would like to happen at Elimination Chamber this weekend. [B]

    WWE Championship
    Elimination Chamber match[/B]
    CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz

    Miz eliminated by Ziggler via Zig-Zag
    Ziggler eliminated ...

    Updated 02-15-2012 at 09:25 AM by Frank

  10. WWE - Utilising The Current Titles

    I was reading through a previous thread about unifying the two main WWE titles and was struck by a comment on there that was somewhere along the lines of...

    "Unifying the titles is stupid as there wouldn't be enough title opportunities for 40 odd wrestlers"

    After I picked my jaw up off the floor at this comment I decided to reply and part way through realised this ...

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