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  1. Bringing Back the Championship Scramble

    Hello wrestling peeps. I thought I would talk about bringing one of the most interesting stimulations for a match in the WWE, the Championship Scramble.

    The creativity in the match is brilliant. It has aspects of an Ironman, Fatal-4 Way, and the Royal Rumble match. It has a certain amount of time, there are 5 competitors, and one competitor came in I believe every 5 minutes. What made ...
  2. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Punk/Cena/Rock Storyline

    Hey everyone. I'm back with another opinion to share with you. I will talk about the storyline involving CM Punk, John Cena and The Rock. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]WrestleMania 29: Punk vs. Rock [/B]
    Okay first off, WWE Writers are pushing towards putting the WWE Title on John Cena heading into Royal Rumble and then having him lose it to The Rock. They then want Rock to defend the ...

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    SummerSlam recap

    Last week I labelled the end of Raw as a disaster. I should have known that it was just a precursor to what would be the worst SummerSlam I have ever seen. If you ignore the fact that Punk retained, Jericho finally won a match on PPV in 2012, and Santino lost his United States Championship on the pre-show, WWE really dropped the ball here.

    Every ...
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  4. WWE/TNA: Good Guys and Bad Guys

    I'm just going to comment here on the whole good guy /bad guy dynamic that's working out in WWE and TNA, because I think it's fascinating.


    Main event material, you have CM Puk v John Cena. Again. Punk solidified himself as a bad guy on the 8/20 Raw with his attack on Lawler. People are still cheering him though. What does this mean?

    Predictions. Punk ...

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  5. Live From Summerslam!!! The Jero Review!!

    What's up friends. This is my first blog so bear with me. I usually just post on the FB comments. Great job with the site by the way fella's. So this was my first ppv that i attended live!! It was pretty damn Awesome!!! I loved the way the stage was set up and as always indoor live pyros are just sweet!! Here are my feelings from the show. BTW its always nice to see it live because you don't have ...
  6. My Projected Night of Champions card


    With the silver anniversary of SummerSlam now in the books, the next WWE pay-per-view Night of Champions will be taking place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday, September 16th.

    And so without further delay, here is my projected Night of Champions card.


    I expect ...
  7. Break It Down: Hardcore Summer

    What is up everybody? Time for another edition of Break It Down, where DK Wrestling Savior and myself tackle a few topics from the week. Last week someone brought up the point of readers throwing us questions, and I think that is a great idea. So when you comment, if you'd like to leave a question for us to tackle on the following blog, feel free to do so and we might just pick you! Let's get right ...
  8. TNA and WWE: Things Ain't Like The Other

    Well hello again everyone who happens to read my blogs, I haven' wrote one for quite some time it seems but thats due in party to various reasons that I won't list on here.

    Anyway I feel like doing a kind of WWE vs TNA comparison blog because since my last effort I feel a few things have changed in both companies, for both good and bad. I will try to be as objective and non-biased ...

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  9. The Way I See It - Aces and Eights, Claire Lynch, etc.

    Hi, guys! First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your support on my last blog. I enjoy your comments and I appreciate the fact that you guys took the time to read it. For that, I thank you.

    Moving on, after watching Hardcore Justice, I immediately had an idea for my next blog. However, after watching Impact this week, TNA effectively threw a curveball and I had to take a step ...
  10. Would They Be Better Off: Punk, Bryan, Ryder, More

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here, putting out a special blog based on something I was thinking about. Now, I stopped watching WWE after Raw 1000, and while there are definitely some things I miss, it's a decision I don't regret. Based on things I've seen in passing, or read from blogs that are written by some friends of mine on here, or updates from my brother who still watches, I have a decent ...

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