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  1. WWE 13 tidbits: My thoughts

    Whelp, it's that time of the year again. With the upcoming WWE 13 being the talk of the town, I thought I talk about the latest news and tidbits of WWE 13. I'm going to give my thoughts on the confirmed roster, DLC, special guest referee being brought back, news about ...

    Updated 09-04-2012 at 08:22 PM by Dubs

  2. A Draft Between Divas and Knockouts

    I have come up a nice list of who i believe which diva/knockout's potential would shine the most if they worked for the rival company.

    1. Natalya to Impact Wrestling

    Natalya's moveset is too good for the Divas Division and can be utilized more against the professionals on Impact. Natalya is a dominant woman without a doubt and deserves better competition. ...

    Updated 09-05-2012 at 02:05 PM by Mckenzie

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  3. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    So i got the chance to watch last nights Raw live, and I wanted to take a moment to write one of my blogs. Now for those who read Break It Down, a blog that myself and DK Wrestling Savior write, where we discuss certain topics that come to mind, you'll know I said that my work was going to prevent me from ...
  4. The Top Ten Most Unbelievable Match Endings!

    Disclaimer: This list is not all-inclusive and does not include matches prior to the 1990s. So if you're a real 'old-head' or a 'PGer' this list may or may not be for you.

    10. Bret hart vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 10)

    After years of the ultimate debate of who was actually better, I still don't think the question was answered even after this match. These two ...
  5. WWE Promo's : Post Attitude Era

    What makes a good WWE promo video. Simple, 1. Drama by the bucketfull, 2. Music Selection, and 3. creative technique. Add in the secret ingredient, make even the non plussed fan completely excited to see the match.

    Hi everybody, I hope you liked my blog yesterday if you happened to check it out, it is basically the same as this one except I picked my 10 favourite attitude
  6. Silly Brit: Overrated and Overused

    Hey guys and gals!

    Cast your minds back to a few weeks ago, where I gave my opinion on the 'underated and underused' talents within WWE. I think it's only fair that I do a mirror to it, onlt this time, maybe distorting it slightly. Think of those freaky mirrors that make your head all big and your body the size of Hornswoggle.

    From crap finishers to entrances ...
  7. My Pick of WWE Top Ten Finishers

    My Pick of WWE Top 5 Finishers

    My name is JoeyClay and it's my first time doing a blog, so I hope everyone enjoys it. WWE know how to make global superstars and most Wrestling fan have there typical favorite superstar. One of the reasons to a successful Superstars is having a Finisher.

    Let's see my pick of WWE Finishers......

    5.Frog splash
    [IMG] ...

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  8. Renevious is Back...and He's Pissed

    What's up guys? Renevious here again, back after a little bit of a hiatus from the blog scene. The truth is, aside from just being generally busy, I haven't really been inspired to write about any specific topic in a while. Maybe I just got a little complacent doing the WBC blogs and having Bearkg88 spoon feed me stuff to write about that I lost sight of my own stuff. Anyway, I'm back now, and there's ...
  9. WWE's Best Rivalries in the PG Era.

    Hello all, Rob here again, and this time I'm going to be listing my opinionated top 5 list of the most personal rivalires, and storylines taking place in the PG Era. I cannot stress the "opinionated" part enough.

    5. Punk Pipe-Bomb Heard Round The World
    Everyone should remember this for years to come. Punk's shoot on the McMahons, John Cena, and The Rock catapaulted him ...
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Anybody who follows my Twitter account will know two things – I was especially active on social media last night, and I really enjoyed Raw. Michael Cole must be really proud of me…

    The reason I enjoyed Raw last night was not the same as most people would have, Paul Heyman’s appearance in the closing seconds. Rather, I enjoyed Raw last night because it had a strong opening segment and ...

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