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  1. WWE: The Nintendo of Wrestling

    Greetings and thank you for reading my blog. I hope you all enjoy my perspective on things. If you like it I may even do one once a week or once a month. Anyway enjoy the first edition of THE SNAKE PIT!

    Like many new people here I was going to rip the WWE a new one with another blog that did nothing but bash them but after cooling off I have decided not to do that. At first I thought

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  2. Batista, RVD, and Lesnar: Are they coming back?

    Welcome back Splashers! I just want to take a quick second to give a shout-out, to the people who participated in my last blog: Jags, PSOJedi, Mattw705, Sully, TheLegendaryIcon, number13, and HCollins-TNA1. Thanks to all of you, for your great posts! Well enough of the small talk, let's get on with ...

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  3. 5 Superstars WWE Shouldn't Of Let Go

    This is my third blog in 3 days and i was watching HHH v Shelton Benjamin on Youtube and it got me thinking just the amount of extrodinary talent the WWE has just let go! so the 5 i believe they should have kept are these guys!

    Shelton Benjamin-If he was given the right push he could have been a big star,he totally dominated the Intercontinental scene and proved he's worth in a number ...

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  4. Wrestling the Water Cooler - Ep.1

    RAW 1/2/12:

    • Cena is going to wear less underwear.
      • Come again? This is how we open a new year, with one of the men signed for the biggest match ever (allegedly) talking about his underwear?
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
      • Hard working guys working hard - and yet it feels like something is missing, doesn't it? Honestly, how interested are you in the current Heavyweight
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  5. RAW is...Mediocre.

    This is probably the 1500th or so blog each of thee hath seen upon thy glorious web page, but I digress.

    The Titles:
    WWE Champ(ionship)-I had always said that Punk would, and should be a champion one day, but now Punk has that whole tirade of change thing going(or not going) for him. This entire feud with him and Johnny has really been useless, because the WWE hasn't changed ...
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  6. Conspiracy Theory #1: Brock Lesnar = 1/2/12

    Capitalizing on the latest news like a seasoned pro, it's the debut of "Conspiracy Theory", a new wrestling blog that will spread excitement and delightment across the ample plains of the Internet Wrestling Community. I will be your guide through the trials and tribulations of all things professional wrestling (and sports entertainment...there is a difference) and you, my loyal reader, will ...
  7. My Top 15 WrestleMania Matches: Part 2

    Well Splashers, we are back for the second half for my top 15 WrestleMania Matches. In The first half we saw some great matches in the list like: Savage vs Steamboat, Rock vs Hogan, Austin vs Hart, and several others. The New Year is quickly winding down, and everybody is looking to party (Including Yours ...
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  8. The Announcer, The Match and The PPV of '11 WWE (Part 2 in this series)

    Hey Im back with part 2 ! If you wanna read part 1 of this blog go to

    Now, in the last part, I talked about the jobbers, the breakout stars and the epic fails of 2011, and compared them to 2010, and looking at that, 2010 did better, leading 2-0 in my own little scoreboard. Now, lets ...

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  9. Wrestlemania 28 (if I had booked it)

    Hey guys! This is one of my first posts here on EWN. Thanks for talking a look, and I would love your feedback. With WM28 quickly approaching, I could only wonder about what could've happened if my wishes for WM came true. I will go through my list of what I think should have been the main event matches and how I came to these conclusions:

    The Main Events:
    John Cena vs. CM Punk ...
  10. The Jobber, The Breakout, and The Fail of '11 WWE

    Hello everyone! This is my second blog here. In this blog I will try to take a look at the year of 2011 in WWE (obviously, see title) by comparing it a bit to 2010

    Was it good/bad? What did we get out of this year? Where did WWE get better/worse? I'll try and divide things into different categories (might have to make this a blog series, not sure yet)

    We will start by ...

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