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  1. Is Superstars the NXT answer?!

    Hi guys, this is another attempt at a blog (my last few haven't been posted for some reason) and this is a blog I've wanted to do for a while which may indeed improve quite a topical point amongst the IWC. What if, instead of moaning & bitching, we all switch over and watch NXT/Superstars.

    First of all, before I get into my blog. A little bit about myself. I'm 17 and started watching ...
  2. The Return of Heyman

    Hey everyone, I'm a first time blogger so let me know what you think and how I can improve for everyone that's reading.

    Paul Heyman is one of the greatest minds that the world of professional wrestling has ever seen. Starting off as a photographer in New York, he worked his way through the ranks of the wrestling world. He was an excellent booker and birthed a sucessful breed of wrestling ...

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  3. Forgotten Stars- Steve Blackman

    Hey guys, I never used to read the blogs on EWN since the site was re-vamped but I recently started to read one or two and now I read most of them! Personally, I think its great to hear what other people think & listen to different POV's. This is my first ever attempt at any form of blogging so any critics would be appreciated to help me improve

    It's become pretty obvious that
  4. Best WWE Themes

    First off, I realize so many of these blogs have been done before that you probably only clicked on mine because you were bored. But I've read other people's and I often find myself saying "I can't believe they left off blah-blah." So obviously this is a total opinion, feel free to agree or disagree. Just don't tell me what a stupid mark I am for putting a song you don't like.
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  5. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    4) I want to see less “Show” and more “Action Packed Event!”

    I asked a question in my last blog. When was the last time you felt that you had just seen wrestling history on a Monday Night RAW? That was a trick question. The prelude to that question clearly states that Raw is disqualified. Raw is not a wrestling program. I will elaborate on this in section 10 but where the ...
  6. Extreme Rules Preview

    Extreme Rules 2012 Preview and Predictions

    WWE presents Extreme Rules
    , Sunday, April 29, 2012, from Chicago, Il. although at first glace you may think this is Wrestlemania 28 and 1/2. Four of the five advertised matches are direct rematches
  7. The ultimate dude's tribute to awful feuds

    Hello everybody, Hi doctor Nick.

    We're not quite on those terms yet, and likely never will be, but this is the Ultimate Dude and I'm here to trample you with raging elephants, cause yknow, Ultimate Warrior did it.

    Seriously though, if you know me all you know is that I'm super hardcore, anti establishment, I dont play by anybody elses rules, not even my own, and my breed ...

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  8. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    3) Give me something worth coming back to see next week

    In the late 1990s, I saw a wrestling event that will forever be burned in my brain. On a typical episode of Nitro, the usual bland BS was happening during the overrun. The nWo Army was in the ring, squashing everything (including the company) in their path, when the camera cut quickly. It did not cut to the entrance ramp, ...
  9. Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

    Before I get this review started, I want to address something which has been a pretty big deal since WrestleMania - crowd reactions. At the end of the day the crowd in Miami really set the bar high for every crowd who has the pleasure of seeing WWE live. This leads me into the content of my blog entry this week - Detroit really let the recent string of great crowds down, and it had a significant
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  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! Catching up with Old stars

    I am sorry for the delay if anyone was looking particularly forward to another of my blogs, the last couple of weeks have been fucking insane and I'm only on the comp for the first time in ages, madness. I got into a strange start here, so I need to cover last weeks' Smackdown, this weeks Smackdown and the Raw from this week, it might be a long one but I want to be dedicated to covering everything ...

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