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  1. WWE:Backstage.

    Hi there! Now I know that this is a place for wrestling fans who really enjoy wrestling and I bet all of us are a part of WWE universe.Like it or not but it’s true.And this has made me think what does that really mean.

    Money.Yes,it all comes down to money but this is just a part of it because in order to get money WWE has to offer something.Since the first day promotion has grown rapidly ...
  2. Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was! Part 1

    Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was

    Hey Guys & Dolls
    With Wrestlemania soon upon us, I felt this inner urge to book MY event and show upon the world the realistic wonders that could have been.
    Please remember this is my combinations about what I'd like to see, what was realistically possible, and what would draw money!
    I encourage you to leave comments
  3. WWE Issues That Need Fixed ASP!

    Hey been a wrestling fan my whole life. Only time I didn't watch it was while I was in Iraq with USMC between the years of 03 to 07. I have noticed some things that just irritate me about the WWE as of latly. Things that could go well for the show or prevent them from losing it if they fix it.

    Team Hell No- Well Hell is one way too put it. That is where I feel like I am while watching ...

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  4. Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger: A British Perspective

    DISCLAIMER: I am British, and will be disucussing American politics in this blog, it is accurate to the best of my knowledge but please forgive me if get certain facts wrong.

    So Jack Swagger (quite surpisngly) won the elimination chamber on sunday night, and with the odds of Ziggler cashing in before Wrestlemania looking very low, we have a very interesting feud on our hands.

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  5. Top 10 biggest moments in Trish Stratus WWE career.....

    To give some much needed love to in my opinion the greatest women's wrestler of all-time: Trish Stratus...decided to make a top 10 moments blog. This is because she is going into the Hall as well. Did the same with Foley in previous blog. How can you possibly break this down? I certainly listed these based on what I think meant most to Trish's career. I woudn't hate your list if you had them in a ...

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  6. WWE just in general!

    First time blogger here!

    I have been a fan of WWE since i was 6 years old and i just turned 18 past Saturday, and in the past recent years i have seen many mid-card talents settling in to their mid-card role and not trying their heart out for a push. There is just no enthusiasm on the roster, they are all set in their ways, in the past, you had a large amount off superstars that fought ...
  7. Road to Wrestlemania 29: The Rock, Brock, and The Shock - Part 1

    Hello Boys & Girls,

    So the Elimination Chamber is this Sunday, and I see a lot of opportunity for the WWE to have a great month and a half leading to a well thought out, and fun Wrestlemania 29 PPV.

    Do I think what I propose in this blog post will happen??? Well No….maybe some of it....maybe none of it....but nonetheless I think it would make for compelling T.V. for ...

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  8. WWE: The New Pecking Order.

    So after a lot of reading and contemplating what has been said by the IWC I decided to go forward with a thought I had seen and then taken further.
    One of the major problems at WWE currently is how the titles and roster are being used in relation to each other. With that in mind I present the pecking order. This pecking order will be used to show who should be fighting for what title and why ...
  9. DanHero's 5 Things WWE Will Do In 2013.

    My last blog focused around what WWE SHOULD do this year, I know that none of it will actually happen, so here’s my predictions of what WWE will actually spend their time doing in 2013.

    1) John Cena Will Headline More Non-Title Pay-Per-Views
    Here’s a fairly obvious one, although CM Punk spent the entire of 2012 as WWE Champion, he was rarely the main event, sometimes being eclipsed ...

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  10. The Ultimate WrestleMania 29 Card

    After Elimination Chamber on Sunday, February 17th, the WWE begins its seven-week buildup to the "Show of Shows," WrestleMania 29, which takes place on Sunday, April 7th at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.


    And so without further delay, here is my projected WrestleMania 29 card:


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