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  1. The Miz-Road To Stardom!

    Just to get this out of the way like alot of people I have seen on this site I am a big fan of The Miz. I respect him and I look forward to his future and this blog is simply to inform everyone of the reason in which I feel this way.

    Mike Mizanin was born on October 8th, 1980. I like to refer to this as the day Awesome was born lol. But seriously he lived his life and ended up on the ...

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  2. The Phenominal One

    If you ask any well informed wrestling fan who they most think of when they hear the words TNA, 90% of the time they are going to say 'the phenominal' AJ Styles. But why is this??

    The answer is quite simple. AJ STYLES IS TNA WRESTLING. Dixie Carter can try and bring in any former WWE guy to get a cheap pop in ratings but the die-hard TNA fans will always want the TNA originals to come ...
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  3. The TNA Bound For Glory Review

    This is it! It's time for TNA to step up or shut up! It's Bound for Glory!! Their biggest show of the year!!! The WrestleMania of TNA!!! I'll review each match and give my thoughts and opinions on them.

    Match #1: The MotorCity MachineGuns vs Generation ME for the World Tag Titles

    Ok, I was expecting this to be the opener of the night and it delivered once again. ...

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  4. TNA: Then and Now

    There was once a time when I paid for the bi-weekly or weekly PPV from TNA... But even then, I was mildly impressed with TNA. However I did find that I enjoyed something there that I didn't see anywhere else. Along the line it became evident that The X-Division was going to be HUGE. Yet they slowly began to almost wipe out that division and those matches. Yet slowly it came back into the light and ...
  5. Please Just Release Matt Hardy Already!

    For years, people thought that Matt Hardy was underrated, and being held back in the WWE. People thought that he should be a world champion because he was that good. With each passing year, people would say, "Matt Hardy is going to win the WWE Championship this year!" Every year, when it didnt happen, they were disappointed, but kept hoping that one day he would win "The Big One." ...
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  6. The WWE Championship gets around

    This is my first blog post on the eWrestlingNews website. I saw a post where a site administrator wanted more bloggers, so I decided to help. I would like to post once or twice a week and I'm hoping my columns will generate some sort of conversation, whether it be good or bad.

    Does anyone remember the New Generation era in WWE? It was during the mid-1990s, the last time the WWE would ...

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  7. TNA Bound for Glory 2010 Review

    I will be upfront with you; I do not watch TNA on a regular basis. However, for some strange reason, I decided to watch Bound for Glory on 10-10-10. What you will read from here on out are my thoughts and opinions; do not take my words as Gospel.

    Well, I went to order the PPV. Luckily, I did not order it right away because the live stream was a no go for BFG. Thank you for sharing ...

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  8. BFG - Big Failure Guaranteed?

    TNA's annual wrestling bonanza and their answer to WrestleMania, the holy grail of PPV events, "Bound For Glory," took place last night for what was supposed to be a night that changed wrestling forever. I'm not denying that it did.

    However, I did not see last night's festivites. Why, you might ask? I was watching this week's iMpact on Sky Player, which actually aired on Saturday, ...
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  9. "THEY" were revealed... Future and Impact

    Tonight was the night a TNA champion was crowned no matter who the winner was. I was actually surprised they went along with Jeff Hardy. Jeff is a great competitor, and I'm glad Kurt wasn't the guy pinned. Now for Jeff's heel turn. Who remembers his heel turn in January 2003? I sure as hell don't ( I had to look it up, I'm not perfect you know lol). It lasted only a month. Basically, Jeff's heel turn ...

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  10. Cena: Leader of The Nexus

    After reading some info on this site about what they are going to do with the Cena and Nexus storyline, I am hella mad. Why would they do that? Instead of letting Cena just turn on them why not let his slowly accept their way of thinking.

    He would slowly see that with the power of Nexus he could run WWE. He would work his way into Nexus slowly but surly pushing Wade out of the picture ...

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