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  1. State of the WWE roster: Who are the next Wrestlemania headliners?

    WrestlingNerd here once again. Today I'd like to chat a little about WWE's roster. It's sort of alarming right now and I hope Triple H is really good at what he's doing up in the talent development department (his new job), because by the looks of this roster, WWE needs a bunch of new stars to be developed pretty quickly. I'm going to take a look at the top stars of both brands and add my own analysis ...

    Updated 08-13-2011 at 05:06 AM by WrestlingNerd

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  2. SummerSlam Thoughts and Predictions

    In a little more than forty eight hours the biggest party of the summer is set to kick off. SummerSlam comes to us live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles. Yet will it really the biggest party of the summer? While Raw ratings continue to disappoint from a business standpoint, there has to be some concern over how successful SummerSlam will be. I myself am intrigued enough from the Cena/Punk ...

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  3. Will The Miz be the new John Cena?

    Hey guys hope all is well. I admit I wouldn't have blogged about this until I seen a user comment on this blog stating that the Miz was the next John Cena. I don't remember their username but credit goes to you. I always agreed from Day 1 that The Miz had the charisma to be one of the top babyfaces whenever he makes that face turn.

    Lets point out some similarities.

  4. Impact Wrestling / The X Division

    This blog is about the X Division in Impact Wrestling and I'll have upcoming blogs like this with WWE also once a week.

    Lets go back in the days when the X Division was the real deal with the likes of Low Ki , Sonjay Dutt , Jay Lethal , Sabu , Psicosis , Petey Williams and loads more . But no one can or should forget the 5-Star rated match AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa ...
  5. Breaking down the future of the Undertaker

    Hello readers of this site. I'm the WrestlingNerd and I'll be making my first blog about the future of the WWE legend known as the Undertaker. Now, it's no secret that the Undertaker is nearing the end of his career and is in pretty poor physical condition. I'd say he has one good match left in him, but after that, it's fair to say that the gas has finally ran out of his tank. I don't see the Undertaker ...

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  6. Hulk Hogans Legacy

    How will Hulk Hogan be remembered? His legacy is something I have wondered about recently as the man has received more and more negative press. So much so that it will no doubt have to feature in how he is remembered.

    The good of Hulk Hogan is that he was the person the wwf was able to build its company around that allowed them to become a mainstream organisation and grow and grow. ...

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  7. Top 5 retired wrestlers I'd like to see back in the ring

    This is my subjective ranking, thus there is no right or wrong answers. For each wrestler I'll explain why I would see them return, and outline a possible plothook for them. And lastly the likelihood of a return, ranket from * ("No chance in hell") to ***** ("The stars are right")

    I have not ranked any wrestlers where injuries or similar circumstances make it ...
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  8. Dragon Gate UK Invasion Review

    OK then, first one of these...errm....yes....right. A lot of you may not know of this show and may have only just heard of the company from their USA branch but Dragon gate also likes to claim that they have a UK branch, which mean that every now and then, they remember when they visited that dreary bankarupt rock next to Europe and it actually went quite well, so they wander over for a couple of ...
  9. Looking back at Money in the Bank

    I didn't want to voice my opinion directly after this happened because there was too much unknowns. We still don't know what happens at Summerslam but a lot has been built off the MITB PPV. I was there live and it was the first ever live ppv I went to.

    The journey begins with a smooth ride all the way to Mannheim road. Several locals decided to turn around from the heavy traffic. ...
  10. Divas Division Thoughts?

    Hey guys, first blog here, just wanted to post my thoughts on The WWE Divas, i think some of these girls are completely capable of carrying the womens division if given half a chance.

    A.J - Obviously very new but huge potential, really reminds me of mickie james which is a good thing, and obviously should have won NXT season 3.

    Beth Phoenix - Top superstar! ...

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