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  1. Braxton defends the PG Era - Blinded By Nostalgia

    One of my favorite shows as a young child was the Power Rangers. I wouldn't miss an episode for anything. You couldn't convince me that any other show on television was better. The Power Rangers was a great show. I was entertained everyday from 430 to 5 waiting to see what would happen next. I watched 2 or 3 episodes on Netflix a few weeks ago and realized just how terrible the show was. The ...
  2. How Long Should Title Reigns Be?

    So it seems with Rey Mysterio having one hour and 30 minutes total of holding the belt, (oops!) I mean title and CM Punk being declared the undisputed champion for all of five minutes at Summerslam, it seems like title reigns are getting shorter and shorter these days, huh? I don't know if this reasoning is from the new generation of viewers who shift focus from topic to topic like web pages. The ...

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  3. Smackdown's Worst Enemy- The Draft Part 1

    Each year when the draft occurs it's like the are trying to make Smackdown look bad. Smackdown has still been better than Raw in my opinion but this last draft was bad for did seemed like a double edge knife for both brands. But, I will start by showing how the draft has tried to hinder Smackdown. Here is the 2004 Draft below.

    Shelton Benjamin
    Nidia. ...
  4. Guys From TNA That Would or Would Not Make it in WWE

    Alright guys this is my first blog so let me know if there is anything I can improve on

    Alright so the topic who from TNA could and couldn't make it in WWE

    Beer Money- I absolutely love these guys there promos are solid and there in ring ability is good. However a gimmick change may help them I think if they dropped the whole beer thing they could have a better WWE career, ...

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  5. WWE & New Japan Pro Wrestling Merger? Invasion?

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. To quote one of my favorite bloggers "MindlessRants", I'm pretty much about to deliver a mindless rant lol. I think both WWE & TNA are doing awesome right now. Now granted we don't see everyone we want to see every week but its still good television.

    One thing TNA does that is awesome, is they are merged with the AAA promotion out ...

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  6. My unbiased(mostly) opinions on the current state of the WWE.

    People need to stop blaming Cena for everything that is wrong with WWE. The writers, Creative as we like to call them, are the real problem. They are the ones who write promos that are obviously for children. They are the ones who want guys like Cena to look like 'a come from behind type.' Which is why he is limited to 5 moves of doom. They don't give him enough time to do much else. Give him 20 mins, ...
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  7. John Cena Ruining the WWE/Punk Keeps it Alive

    I've been a fan of the WWE my whole life. So I've seen it go from one of the most exciting pieces of entertainment to the sell-out PG-rated crap it has become today. However, in the past month or so it has been picking back up, but I'll come back to that in a minute.
    Now I don't know exactly who's fault it is. Maybe it's Vince McMahon's for selling out, WWE creative for their lack of CREATIVE ...

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  8. Is the “Rawkdown” really beneficial for the WWE?

    Now, I’m going to play devil’s advocate (well, sort of devil’s advocate) for keeping the Split-Brand concept. It seems that one of the main reasons for combining the two shows, which I collectively call the “Rawkdown” is to get better ratings for Smackdown. Now the fact is the hottest draws will always be on Raw and they will always be on Raw because that’s the WWE’s bread and butter. ...
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  9. The Attitude Era was OVERRATED

    You heard me. I think the era proclaimed by many as the "best period in wrestling" was greatly overrated. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the Attitude Era, especially for giving us arguably the two most popular wrestlers of all time: The Rock and Stone Cold, but it wasn't as great as everyone seems to remember it. Heres my reasons as to why the era wasn't as great as people think it is. ...
  10. The E Under The Sun: Kobashi vs HBK

    Alright I admit it. I AM IN LOVE WITH JAPANESE WRESTLING! Now that’s over with I would like to announce that over the coming weeks I plan on doing a little comparison exercise in the form of trying to find the Japanese equivalent for as many WWE superstars as possible. Not exactly original I realise but still fairly interesting.

    I will therefore start with one of the most popular ...
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