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  1. Wrestling Free Agents

    It's been awhile since I've posted a blog, but given how there is a few blogs/forum posts about the term “Left over” I feel like I have to chime in, but given my habit of typing long messages I figured blog form would be best.

    First for purposes of full disclosure, I have an admitted bias to the WWE, as my older blogs have indicated. However, I'm not here to argue that WWE is better, ...
  2. Jump Start for the Tag Team Division

    What's up guys, this is my first blog. I may have gotten a bit carried away... The current trend among WWE fans is bantering about how to get back to the Attitude era. The reality is however that we will never have another Attitude era. Times have changed, fans have changed, talent has changed, and this unfortunately means more than what life-long fans would love to see.

    That being ...
  3. The Leftovers Stars of WWE & TNA

    Alright, after reading Rick Starr's blog about leftover stars and the huge discussion that followed I decided to make a blog to really see who picks up a lot of leftovers.

    Now first of all I will give you the qualifying of being a leftover is that you have established your name somewhere else and then go to a company at an older age. So guys like AJ Styles don't count becuase even though ...

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  4. The Biggest Feuds: When The World Stops Pt. 1

    Hulk Hogan v Ultimate Warrior
    Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels
    Stone Cold v the Rock

    The three above collisions defined the WWF/E during certain times. The feud was everything that summarised the era which they occured.

    There have been gazzillions of other feuds, but these three, from a wrestler standpoint, have been the showpiece.

    First of all, ...

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  5. The Nexus Return? Cm Punk & Daniel Bryan?

    Hey guys, Knox here. This is another one of those dream booking type of blogs. I've always had this huge Nexus (For One Night Only) return booked in my head for a while as a face stable.

    Personally I loved the Nexus. I loved each and every member of that click to the fullest and I just don't see why they split them up. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel were my personal favorites. ...

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  6. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era - The Dudleys Vs The Hardys Vs Edge and Christian

    As great as the Attitude Era was the tag team division wasn’t essential viewing prior until late 1999. The New Age Outlaws were a brilliantly charismatic pairing but inside the squared circle they were obviously lacking in wrestling ability. Other teams like the APA and the Hollys weren’t particularly thrilling to watch either. The Undertaker and Big Show as well as The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection ...
    Tags: christian, edge
  7. A Change In The Product, Part 1: The New School

    After a hiatus, don't worry folks, ChristMasterPiece has returned. Be jealous.

    Alright, so, here's the deal: I'm gonna be doing a four-part series on ways the WWE could change their product for the better (in my opinion, of course). So this is Part 1: The New School. Let's get to it.

    I guess the first thing you're wondering is, who in the bluest of blue hells is the New ...
  8. WWE Picks Up the Leftovers Too?

    Hello once again Splashers! For those of you who have read my blogs you might have noticed I have been gone for a couple of weeks. This was due to my laptop crashing, and costing me over $150 to fix. Well enough of the chit-chat, let's get down to it!

    Whenever I read blogs or news reports ...

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    Tags: tna, wwe
  9. Examining the WWE Divas Division

    Recently WWE Diva Maryse was asked to be released from her contract. She had been the host of Nxt but had been off the TV since summer with an injury and the horrible business of the stalker case. With Maryse and also Gail Kim gone, (arguably two of the most popular Divas) I will now examine each Diva on the roster and what state the Divas division is now in.

    AJ Lee
    She finished ...
    Tags: divas, wwe
  10. Wrestlemania 28 Championship Matches:

    Hey guys Knox here. Hope all is well. Today I'm blogging on the possible Wrestlemania 28 title matches that I think could happen. I think this will be a big Wrestlemania because as of writing for the first time in Cena's career, he won't be competing for or defending Championship gold.

    Wrestlemania 28 Title Matches:

    Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix(C) vs Natalya ...

    Updated 10-30-2011 at 08:43 PM by knox


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