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  1. Top 5 Submission Finishers in Wrestling History

    This Blog is dedicated to the top 5 Submission Finishers in Wrestling History. As always we are gonna stick with American wrestling, cause my lack of knowledge of international Wrestling.....
    Submission finishers are very Rare in Wrestling, and to make them a legit threat is a near impossible feat. If you look back in WWF and WCW very few people used a submission finisher, It was mostly a ...

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  2. Could Cena Turn Heel?, Triple H botches Injury, & A John Morrison Comeback?

    Hi Splashers I thought I’d catch up with you and give you some of my thoughts of what’s been happening in the wrestling world.

    Could John Cena Be WWE’s Next Big Heel?
    I was reading the news bit, when I came across one news bit that caught my attention. Apparently certain sites are ...

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  3. What ROH gets Wrong

    Recently I have read some comments on the internet saying that ROH is the best wrestling promotion in the world, or at least in the United States. I was curious and began to search videos of the program on YouTube. What I saw definitely didn't impress me. However I thought "Well this must be the older footage. It's probably much better now." Regrettably I was wrong. I tried to watch their ...
  4. The Next WWE Breakout Stars

    WWE is looking for new and up-in-coming stars to replace the veterans when they retire. They have some superstars that are capable of doing this. In fact, any one of them have the chance to breakout and become the superstar WWE is looking for. Here is who I think is most capable/deserving of this:

    Dolph Ziggler- I think “Mr. Ziggles” is one of the best wrestlers the company has ...

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  5. My survivor series card

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing my survivor series card. I will include the matches already annouced.


    This match will act as the blowoff to the feud between these 2. So far this feud has been quite good, better than others that has happened recently. In the biggest match between these 2 during the feud, ...

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  6. The Rock is back but is it what the people wanted?

    The Rock is back but is it what the people wanted?

    Hi everyone.I have not seen a blog about the rock for a while so ive decided to give it a try,hope you enjoy the read.

    The Rock's return in 2011

    When everyone found out The Rock was going to be the one to host Wrestlemania,we thought it was going to be electrifying again,but to tell you ...
  7. 10 Soon to be Released WWE Stars & Next Breakout Stars

    Hey guys, we're gearing rather close to the Royal Rumble which kicks off the road to Wrestlemania. Usually between this time to after Wrestlemania we begin to see a good number of stars get released from their contracts. I wanted to blog on who I think will and will not get released anytime between now & May 2012.

    Soon To Be Released WWE Stars:

    10. Hunico

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  8. Second Thoughts:Not Without Drew Mcintyre

    I've been watching some Superstars lately and thinking about some things and I realized: Drew Mcintyre does NOT get nearly enough credit for the heel he is.

    Just look at some of the episodes of Superstars from the past few weeks, great competitor and he received a nice amount of heat this past week. He had a great match on RAW with Randy Orton not long ago and to me, has proved that ...
  9. Is the Grass Greener in TNA?

    Welcome back Splashers to this follow-up blog. Last weekend I talked about how the WWE had no problems using wrestlers from other organizations, and I got some excellent feedback. In that blog myself and my readers had no problems pointing out that when all those wrestlers came to the WWE, their careers ...

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  10. Another Attitude Era Blog....

    I have been reading this website for over a year but have never posted, but I was watching an old episode of Raw I had earlier today and felt like I needed to add to the staunch defence of the Attitude Era. I know a lot of people refer to us as Attitude Marks but quite frankly why wouldn't we be? If you grew up in that era of wrestling you understand, every week you were glued to your TV. Everyone ...

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