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  1. Who should win the 2011 Superstar of the Year Slammy?

    Hey guys Knox here. This will be a very short blog for once lol. I'm going to rank whom I think should win the Superstar of the Year Slammy for 2011. This will be brief and fun.

    I don't know anyone's win streak and record for that matter. All I'm judging on is pure impact. Lets also remember that this is the fans voting so ofcourse The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & Mark ...

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  2. Oh How Wrestlemania Has Changed.

    Welcome back everyone. Again, thanks for checking out my blog. Someone blogged similar to what I was originally planning so I had to change things up. So, I'll jump right in.

    Just real quick though. Raw was terrible, predictable, and outright lame. I was calling what was going to happen as if I wrote the show myself. The Cena/Zach Ryder segment, The Miz vs Orton, Ziggler vs Sheamus, ...
  3. The Truth of the Attitude Era

    I am an attitude era veteran. I loved wrestling back then so much, that I still love it now.

    I have been gandering (aka hanging around) internet wrestling sites now for about 10 years. The attitude era was such a massive success that for me anyway I was vastly interested in it when away from the TV screen.

    It can attribure that the AE was such a resounding success ...

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  4. WWE Best Title Reigns of 2011

    Hello and I am back! Alot of you requested for me to do many years of pointless title reigns, but before I do that, I will do a most valuable title reigns so far in 2011. So here we go!!!

    10. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship:

    Remember how the internet blew up when Randy won the, that was fun to see. I have to admit though, Randy and Christian ...
  5. Raw Thoughts: 12/5/2011 - A night of Zack Ryder...WOO WOO WOO!

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my Raw thoughts. Not a ton to say so without further ado...

    We open up with Cena doing his usual thing and I'm sitting in fear as he says he wants to challenge for the WWE championship. Can't they find something interesting to do with him rather than just the same old shit? Well ADR, Ziggles, and Miz come out and they do the usual ...
  6. Sin Cara: Bad Timing, Bad Marketing, and Just Bad Luck!

    Hey Splashers what’s up? Before I get on to our topic at hand, there are a couple of quick things I’d like to talk about.

    1. In my last Blog I brought up the subject of how the WWE was ready to give us a new WWE Title. Just today I was reading the forums and I saw a video that had “NEW ...

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  7. The history of the us championship

    Now first of all for the know it alls let me get one thing straight - I didn't watch much wcw. I thought it was crony, and when it was the new cool thing to like I thought it was even more corny hence my only 2 or so years away from living the product. So I guess I'm a bit of a WWE Mark, like it or not.


    The US Championship first gained prominence in the ...
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  8. Top 10 WWE United States Champions

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. This blog is inspired by "The Next Big Thing". He did a two part blog on the history of the Intercontinental title and nailed it. I never seen anything like it in my life. He mentioned each I.C. champ as well as a made up name for each era of the title. Check it out I'll post the link below this

    The Era of the Intercontinental Championship ...
  9. John Cena isn't a challenge to The Rock

    The Rock Vs John Cena

    I just don't buy Cena as a worthy opponent in this. It's not a modern Hogan Vs Rock for the PG Era at all. That match worked because it had meaning. It had 2 Megastars facing off against each other. It felt Epic and the match was legendary. The Rock Vs Cena is a twitter battle. A feud that doesn't have meaning and just doesn't work.

    If they wanted ...
  10. What SHOULD Happen With "The Streak"

    Ok, I am speculating like a lot of you on who Undertaker's next victim should be for 20-0......and I have figured out a dream match for the streak, the way to book it, and it is a retirement match on both sides.

    First, don't have Taker wrestle at this year's mania. Everyone is already paying attention to the Rock-Cena fiasco and the streak needs to be the focal point of the show. ...

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