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  1. A Pre-WrestleMania Prediction

    Now I don't have much time on my hands, so I'm gonna make this quick. Wazzup guys it's me Mike here once again with another blog. Now WrestleMania is today and I will make a short blog on who I predict will win followed by a brief summary of why I think so. Let's get started!

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match The Usos
    I honestly don't care who wins but I am pretty sure that Epico ...
  2. WrestleMania 28 - TheShockMaster!

    Figured I'd jot down a few points on what I think will happen at Wrestlemania. By the way... I think it's appalling that WWE aren't showing the tag team title match on TV.

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs. John Cena
    My original thought was that Miz would interfere, but given the recent news about Batista and Brock Lesnar, I'm predicting that Brock will interfere with the match. ...

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  3. ROCK and BROCK and CENA

    Say what you want about Lesner. His impact was amazing. He has the presence, the legit background and technical ability in the ring to become one of wrestlings greatest stars. Yes he's got a major attitude on him but he's arguably THE GREATEST pure Heel I've ever seen. I say The Greatest because he was just evil at times, some of the stuff he did to lesser stars was a close to the bone as WWE ever ...
  4. STATE OF THE 'E: The Day Has Arrived!!

    Welcome again to the [B]ALWAYS [/B]imitated and [B]NEVER[/B] duplicated [B]STATE OF THE 'E[/B] in blog form! I am your host as usual for the occassion, [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B]!!

    I'm happy. I'm happy that it is officially April 1st, 2012.. WrestleMania day. If I could get this made into a National Holiday, I would. It's certainly no secret that I'm a huge "mark" of THE 'E and always ...
  5. An Abdominal Stretch Special: Final Wrestlemania Thoughts

    Welcome everybody to THE DAY. It's here. It's April 1st. It's Wrestlemania XXVII. Now for a lot of people, this is a very exciting day. For some, it's going to be more fun pulling April Fool's jokes on your friends. But this is a special edition of The Abdominal Stretch that's going to focus solely on today.

    Earlier this week, I posted my "Not Your Typical" WM predictions, ...
  6. T-Hughes35's WrestleMania XXVIII WrestleMania Picks

    Greetings community.*
    We're on the homestretch to The biggest Pay-Per-View of 2012, and it's time that your's truly gives you his picks for professional wrestling's version of the Super Bowl.

    How This Is Going To Work:
    I'm going to give you all eight matches on the card, in the order that I think it should happen, and who I think will win, should ...
  7. 5 most boring WWE stars today

    Hey guys, first time blogger so let me know how I do. Talking with some buddies about who the best in WWE are got me to thinking, who are the most boring superstars out there right now.

    Before i get hated on for using top talent I just want to say I made this list out of guys who are receiving decent pushes, comment on what you think of my opinions and other guys who you think are currently ...
  8. The Tag Team Division After WrestleMania & Rivalries

    Wazzup guys? Mike here once again and I realized that last time when I mentioned Daniel Bryan in a bad way and everyone went NUTS, so I rewatched a couple of his matches and realized that he's not actually that bad, so my apologies.

    Anyways today I'm going to be talking about ways to improve the WWE after WrestleMania, that includes the tag team division and possible rivalries/matches. ...

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  9. Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania 24-27

    What is up everyone? As i was getting ready to write FFTP WM 24, I realized i only had today, tomorrow, and sunday left to write the 4 remaining blogs. Instead of bombarding the blog section with 4 blogs, I figured I'd condense the 4 into one. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

    Wrestlemania 24

    Match of The Night
    World Heavyweight Championship
    The Undertaker vs Edge(c)
  10. WWE: The Reality Era and how Attitude is crippling it

    (This may be my most polarizing blog yet, but I'm sticking with it.)

    The Attitude Era's faux revival is crippling the WWE's bottom line.

    It was observed last year that CM Punk's Shoot marked the end of the PG-Era and the rise of the "Reality Era" as some dubbed it came with it. Since I was always a fan of the name, I'm going to continue to use that term until I'm ...

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