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  1. Guys I Like #1: Kevin Nash & Kane

    Hello blog readers! I've decided that I wanted my own blog series and well, since coming up with a clever title would take far too long for me to come up with, I've decided to just call it "guys I like". Simple, no? All I'll be talking about in this blog are superstars i like. Some current. Some legends. An since this is the first of hopefully many I figured I'd give you a 2 for 1 special! ...
  2. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - (Pt6) Allow me to tell you who/what I like

    Yes! Yes! YES! Finally the ‘E Universe’ has listened to something outside the merchandising department, Social Media scores, and the Nielsen ratings. It wasn’t about what was the hot ticket item on sale, nor was it about a guy who fit the “typical” mold of what a cookie cut, made for TV “wrestler” was supposed to look like. Danielson was destined for greatness before he
  3. STORYLINES: How To Build A Superstar

    I have some more ideas for this STORYLINES format for blogs, depending
    on the response I will put them out.

    This is about the storyline of making Shawn Michales a legit main
    eventer. His road to his first WWF Championship. It's about the booking and storylines used to get him to that level.

    The Back Story:

    Shawn became ...
  4. The Abdominal Stretch: Has WWE Gone Over The Limit?

    Hey fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch. The theme for this week is, and appropriately because of this upcoming PPV, has WWE gone Over the Limit? Let's take a look, shall we.

    Has The WWE Gone Over The Limit With...

    Paul Heyman And The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

    I had the pleasure of missing Raw last week. No, ...

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  5. Yes? Yes? Yes? The Raw Review

    Lawsuits and firings.

    WWE has been treading the line between sports entertainment and televised business model since CM Punk delivered his infamous shoot promo last summer, and tonight was an example of what Punk was talking about when he mentioned arse-kissing and yes-men (Daniel Bryan pun not intended). In short, the majority of tonight’s Raw left me scrolling through Twitter as
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  6. Brock at SummerSlam & Top WWE Divas

    Brock Lesnar has been rumored to face HHH at Summerslam. I for one, don't want that to happen. Who should face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam? Just look at the history of the ppv and tell me who he should face? All arrows point to one WWE superstar.....Randy Orton!! Why Randy Orton? Just look at the history of Summerslam ppv. What did Brock do in 2002? Become the youngest WWE champ in the history of the ...

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  7. 10 Guys I'd like to see return to the WWE

    Hey guys Knox here, hoping all is well. I wanna blog on people whom I'd love to see return to the WWE. With the recent returns of The Rock and Brock Lesnar, I thought this would be fun to blog on.

    10. Juventud Guerrera
    I need closure. Juventud, along with Super Crazy and Psicosis were brought to the WWE as "The Mexicools". The most stereotypical and degrading stable ...

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  8. Could Kevin Steen Be The Next Mick Foley?

    Today I'm gonna talk about something I don't really have much knowledge about but felt compelled to write about. I'm not a huge Indy guy, Actually I only watch WWE not even really TNA, I use to buy TNA's DVDs but I haven't really felt their matches in the last 6 years or so were good enough to buy and watch on DVD.... Years ago I bought a ROH DVD which was a best of DVD, I seen Kevin Steen and El ...

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  9. WBC Series #4: WWE's Main Event Scene

    What is up everybody! Time for another edition of the main WBC series. Last week, The Piper usurped the champ, Broc, and is now the reigning champ. Can he hold on to the title? We will see. His challenger, is a regular blogger on this site, none other than DK Wrestling Savior! This will ...
  10. How To Better The Diva's Divison

    I grew up watching the divas and even becoming a fan of theirs. Like most i feel they have plummeted down into failure and have become hard to watch. I cant even eat and watch them it's to horrifying. So this is how i feel they could better the diva brand.

    Scrap the name- I never liked the name diva's is not something you can take serious. They need a complete overhaul with the name

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