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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! My first ever blog

    YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan has made those words absolutely iconic the last few months. Now in the light that he got F'ed in the A on Sunday those words have become an even bigger meaning then they were before. I don't know if WWE did that because they are run by giant douchebags

    ,or do they actually have an ace up ...

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  2. More Than A-Train and Brock Returned This Week

    Hello, Everyone.

    This is my first blog here, so please bear with my inexperience with how this is written.

    July 16th, 2001 : This was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to save the WW(F) from the invading forces of the WCW and ECW. Besides the chaos in and out of the ring, this night also produced arguably the single, hottest live audience in wrestling history. ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. Ramblings of a fan: The Rock and Brock

    Should the Rock have won? Honestly it could have gone either way, but to be honest; its what the fans wanted. Listen to how the crowds have been eating up the Rock. When WWE doesn't listen to the crowds the IWC jumps all over them. I mean seriously the crowd loves chanting Bryan Daniels and yet when the WWE ignores, we get irate. And while I like Ryder, I'm not the biggest fan, but again the crowd ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. 18 Seconds Was Great for Daniel Bryan

    A lot have been said about the opening bout of Wrestlemania 28 when Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the WHC-title in 18 seconds. Most of it has been negative. But the way I see it it was a best case scenario for the American Dragon, and I will explain why.

    But first, let me state that even though I understood the booking, I think whoever had the notion that this was the correct match ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. Real Talk!: The Rock Should Have Loss To John Cena

    This is my first blog and, I'm going to be real with you guys and, give my exact opinion. The Rock should have lost to John Cena clean.The reason why is simple The Rock should have did for Cena what Hogan did for the Rock.

    Hogan was a full time wrestler at the time Rock beat him, and Rock is only part time for now. How I look at it is a part time wrestler just beat the face of the company. ...
  6. How Far can WWE go on WM28 Steam

    On Monday we were treated to one of the best crowd wrestling has ever seen. Speculation has shown that the fans said yes just to support Daniel Bryan over that embarrasing Wrestlemania match with Sheamus, but could that be all?

    Over With The Crowd
    I read a forum that stated that YES! can become the new WHAT! for the wrestling industry. This could be true in the way that Daniel Bryan ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    Well, I have thought this through and decided to re-launch my blog. Everyone gets a mulligan, right? This time I am going to put it into an actual blog format, rather than write a chapter of a book. As my last blog showed, I am a fan of the wrestling industry and have been so since I was young. Much like many of you, I have been witness to multiple “Eras” of the industry. Even though several “eras” ...
  8. Top 5 Entertaining WWE stars today

    I recently wrote a blog about my top 5 most boring WWE stars out there right now. This blog is just a follow up to that, but from a more positive perspective, this time its my top five entertaining WWE stars out there right now. First off i did not put the Rock on this list because i feel like this list is more about active WWE stars, however if Rocky had been around more this year I think I could ...
  9. RAW Reflections

    WOW!! I cant remember the last time I enjoyed an episode of RAW as much as I did last night. Now a lot of that has to do with the crowd in Miami, they were fired up from the opening segment with the Rock all the way until the end when Lesnar F5'd the crap out of Cena.

    THE GOOD: The rock's promo was classic rock, despite the shot he took at the canadian football league (I'm canadian and ...
  10. Different Point of View: Raw, Lesnar, WM

    Just a quick note before I get started. When it comes to blogging, some people take things one way, and others take things another way. My WM post came with mixed reactions. Some thought it was the best ever while others agreed with me that it wasn't. But there were some reasons why people hated on my blog that made me realize that there are many out there that don't understand my point of view and ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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