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  1. The Royal Ramble: Weekly Raw Review

    It's Ramblin' Time!

    Welcome everyone, to the Royal Ramble! I am Trick the writer of the Royal Ramble! Follow me on twitter @TheRoyalRamble once I get out of Twitter jail. This is the first addition to my weekly review blog on Raw! Before I start, if whatever I say offends or pisses anyone off, well then grow a pair and move on! Happy 4th of July by the way! Let's kick things off ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. 10 worst moments in WCW history!!

    First thing I want to point out is that it is my opinion. I decided after doing best moments of Nitro to do worst moments in WCW history. So I want be asked about why Arquette winning the title isn't on here and so forth. Without any further a do the 10 worst moments in WCW history in my opinion are:

    1.David arquette winning the world title-A person outside of wrestling holding the world ...
  3. Why I'm a CM Punk mark.

    CM Punk fan boy
    Of course with all the fame and success you and your fans have always wished for, CM Punks supposed devoted fans have turned on him because he has apparently sold out to the 'machine' and become a 'corporate sell out' or whatever the term is. His accusation are as follows: stale promos, isn't good as he used to be, ain't doing what he promised, would be better as a face etc... ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Money In The Bank and 1000th Episode of Raw

    Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a breakdown of sorts as we have started what is to be a monumental month in WWE history. We had the live, 4th of July, Great American Bash episode of Smackdown. *say that 5 times fast*. We have Money In The Bank in another week. Then we have the 1000th episode of Raw 8 days later.

    What I want to do here is breakdown a few things as we look both ...

    Updated 07-04-2012 at 04:13 PM by DK Wrestling Savior

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  5. Top 5 Best & Top 3 Worst MITB cash ins

    With MITB ppv coming up, why not show some love to the history of the MITB. Since we have like about 10 total MITB winners, decided to have a top 5 along with 3 worst cash ins. This is just my opinion based on the impact it should provide to a storyline, event, and memorable part of it as well.

    Best 5 cash ins:
    1.RVD-The night of the cash in some believe was on one of the best ...

    Updated 07-03-2012 at 07:53 PM by TheGreatOne (thoughts n opinions)

    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. People Who Belong In The WWE Hall Of Fame

    WWE Hall of Fame logo.jpg
    I have probably left a few names off, but I think I did a pretty good job and I hope you can appreciate me choosing a lot of older wrestlers who would help legitimize the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    Lou Thesz

    When all was said and done, Lou Thesz had six NWA World Title runs during a time when the belt wasn't passed around like a hot potato, in fact

    Updated 07-03-2012 at 09:21 PM by Brendan

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  7. Should John Cena Really be the Face of PG-WWE?

    For quite some time now, the WWE has been in what is collectively known as the "PG-Era" WWE.

    PG WWE is supposed to be famiily-friendly entertainment with the occasional combat sport thrown in.

    For as long as the WWE has been PG, one face has been made synonymous with PG WWE.

    That face, my friends, is John Cena.


    Updated 07-03-2012 at 02:05 AM by Josh Shepard

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  8. UFR 3 - The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Hi everyone haven’t done a UFR in a while as I’ve been busy with work (and watching the Euro’s) and UFR takes a few hours to do as I tend to watch the videos and whatnot. This week’s Underrated Feud is the R Truth/Cena feud which took place last year; personally I consider it ...

    Updated 07-03-2012 at 04:50 PM by Callum

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  9. 10 Biggest moments in Summerslam history!!

    Summerslam coming up in August. Might as well show some love to its history by sharing what I believe are the biggest moments in the history of that event. Here is my top 10 which is my opinion.

    1.Savage/Elizabeth match made in heaven-How can anyone argue with this being #1?
    2.Bret/Bulldog main event-IC title match that some regard the best match in the history of Summerslam. Going ...
  10. The Wrestling Backfire: Thoughts On WWE’s Future “Blockbuster” Summer Idea

    The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting WWE creative is working on a major angle for the summer. Reportedly, they are working on coming up with a “knocks your socks off” storyline similar to how the Nexus angle captured attention in 2010 and CM Punk did in 2011. There is a lot of pressure to come up with something because of the low ratings and current product.

    Before we get started,

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