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  1. Raw Review: Number 1 contenders, Challenges, and HO-SKI's

    Hi everyone, I'm back and I've decided to write this Raw live from my laptop for you all, as I have the time for this as I am luckily (or unluckily) unemployed at this time. I may as well do this as long as I have nothing else to do so if you like it let me know what you think.

    After the opening backstage skit before the opening video, I kind of rolled my eyes, (you know in one of them ...

    Updated 02-21-2012 at 02:45 AM by Frank

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  2. Do You Remember the Latino World Order?

    One of my favorite things to do on this planet is to have someone call out a wrestling gimmick or wrestler and I will spill everything that I know or remember about said gimmick or wrestler. Today I was challenged with Hector Garza, and while all I remember of Hector Garza was his penchant for corkscrew planchas from the turnbuckle to the outside, I was inspired to remember the Latino World Order ...
  3. Crisis Management: The GM of Both Brands?

    Sup everyone, Cousin Scribbler again! So I was catching up on the Elimination Chamber results (sadly, I was not surprised by any of the results... pity... but that's another rant for another time...) and noticed that one of the themes that came up was "who should be GM of bot RAW and Smackdown?" I find myself slightly intrigued by the idea. I'm sure it may have been done before at some point, ...

    Updated 02-20-2012 at 11:05 AM by Frank

    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. WWE Issues: Storylines, PPV, Talent, Titles & More!

    Hello all..!!

    Thanks for reading my earlier blogs. I know, I need to be a bit more frequent, but it does get tough to be a regular poster on eWN. What prompts me to post a blog now and then, is the true fan frustration in me coming to a boil and then bursting out. Like it did with my previous blogs.

    Now, this time round, I decided to step back and take a look at what exactly ...

    Updated 02-20-2012 at 11:04 AM by Frank

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  5. Elimination Chamber: Opening Eyes, Closing Cases, and Overall Surprising.

    Hey sports entertainment fans of the world wide web. The Saviour here with a review of what I found to be a surprisingly very good PPV. Eyes have been opened, cases have been closed, the picture is becoming clearer as we come down the 6 week stretch before Wrestlemania XVIII. There was an equal amount of good and bad and that’s what I want to touch on. I’m sure this will bring on a lot of debate ...
  6. 2012 Elimination Chamber Reaction

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my Elimination Chamber Reaction. As usual I wont waste any time, so without further

    1st Match - Raw Elimination Chamber
    A little surprised they started off with this one, that must mean a swerve is in place for the SD Chamber. Also on a side note I'm digging the stage, they've recycled the same stage every year since ...

    Updated 02-19-2012 at 11:11 PM by RatedATB

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  7. WWE: The Misused and the Forgotten...

    Yo, Yo, Yo...

    The plan of my blog is simply to discuss who in my opinion, has been misused and forgotten in the WWE, when they simply should not have been.

    I won’t pick out too many names, but I’d like to analyse some of my personal favourites who didn’t quite measure up for whatever reason, and whoevers fault it may be.

    Perry Saturn

    Perry Saturn ...
  8. Do You Remember "Hardcore Hak"

    A lot of people have endearing memories of growing up in a rural setting; they love snowfall and fireplaces and wide open ranges as far as the eye can see. I hated living in the country. It wasn't enough that there wasn't anything that I was remotely interested in anywhere nearby, but our cable provider could afford to be neglectful because my neighbors were busy doing things like making their 4-wheeler's ...

    Updated 02-19-2012 at 05:06 PM by Frank

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  9. 5 Greatest WWE Champions (1990 - 2012)

    This is Going to be the hardest blog without a doubt that i've done so far so please be nice because they is so many great wwe champions sine'90

    5. Bret Hart
    Without a doubt Bret Hart was one of the greatest champions in wwe history not just this title but all so the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships and this title pushed his career to a different level all together ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  10. Thoughts On The Elimination Chamber PPV Current Card

    First things first i would like to say hello to everyone on this website as i have only recently joined it.

    Now for the first blog i will do i thought i would do something that i don't see much of, and that is a Preview of a upcoming PPV. (May Contain Spoilers)

    Now I personally am not looking forward to the upcoming WWE PPV Elimination Chamber the main reason being is because ...

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