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  1. Are Creatives in TNA on the Same Page?

    While watching TNA last Thursday, I had a lot more questions than answers after Lockdown. I have no idea what the direction of the company is especially with their champions. I'll see if someone can answer some of these questions for me especially the title question which I'll start with. What questions did I ask myself after Impact?

    1.Is everyone in TNA on the same page? AJ Styles complaining ...

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  2. Top 10 Tag Team moves in the history of wrestling

    10.KRS one, kings of wrestling-

    9. Made in Detroit, motor city machine guns

    8. more bang for your buck, the young bucks

    7 , heart attack .the hart foundation

    6, DWI, beer money ...
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  3. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    2) Bring back HONOR to my championships.

    As I sit here and think about how to bring honor to my championships, all I can think of is 18 seconds. The World Heavyweight Championship match at this year’s WrestleMania. This very match was the OPENING match for WM 29. Forget the story lines that the writers were concerned about. Forget creating a sense of automatic investment into the Pay ...
  4. TOP 10 Divas/Knockouts Entrances - w/ Videos

    Ok so I've seen a few entries on here about the top entrances of superstars but I feel as if the divas and knockouts should get some recognition!

    So let's get started! Top 10 of all time!

    10. Torrie Wilson

    Why? No matter what the music, Torrie had a sexy entrance and usually got a good pop from the crowd! ...
  5. Booking Roode's title reign and other TNA titles toward Bound For Glory!!

    Who should face Roode? Leave guys who he has faced already out of the picture. Have Roode face various wrestlers who Dixie thinks can take the belt off of him which the plan is to wait til Bound For Glory.
    Sacrifice: Roode vs RVD in a ladder match with the theme Roode will put the belt on the line while RVD will put his body on the line. That has been RVD's reputation throughout his career. ...

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  6. Has TNA Reached a Point Where They Could Compete?

    Hey fans. The Saviour here with a blog that's basically set up to expand on my point in this week's edition of The Abdominal Stretch. It is the point about TNA.

    Honestly, I'm going to enjoy this blog as I'm taking a breather from WWE. That's not to say I didn't love the Blast from the Past episode of Smackdown last night, but WWE's getting stale and I'm going to shoot something out there ...
  7. TNA wrestlers that should go to WWE

    After watching the last two weeks of impact, I've decided that as long as Hogan/Bishoff are in power that impact will always be the Hulk Hogan show. There's too many damn good wrestlers on that roster that are being wasted and pretty much are misused or barely used at all for a small sum or chump change. By the end of these guy's careers, I'm afraid they'll end up broke or turn into just another dead ...

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  8. My critic review on the current TNA product

    I began watching TNA in 2004. After getting home from school, I changed the channels and saw wrestling. Wrestlers such as Konnan, R-Truth, and Road Dogg is what kept me hooked. Seeing Jarrett and other former wrestlers from the past that I never seen for a helluva long time. That along with the other young stars like AJ Styles, Daniels, Team Canada, and so on.

    You look at past videos ...

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  9. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    1) Build superstars of the future; don’t make them over night.
    Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!This simple statement was the spark needed to ignite a fuse. The fuse burned, not too slow and not too fast. Austin may have won the King of the Ring, but they weren’t pushing him to the stars. The fans were adding the fuel to the fire. Much like the suspense you feel waiting for the ...
  10. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    Well, I have thought this through and decided to re-launch my blog. Everyone gets a mulligan, right? This time I am going to put it into an actual blog format, rather than write a chapter of a book. As my last blog showed, I am a fan of the wrestling industry and have been so since I was young. Much like many of you, I have been witness to multiple “Eras” of the industry. Even though several “eras” ...
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