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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE's Current Tag Team Division

    Hey everyone. Welcomee to another edition of Double O. I am Ozfan. And I will be sharing with you today on my opinion on what to do with the current Tag Team division.

    First of all, I would like to tell you about the three handpicked teams I would like to see win the Tag Team Titles...

    [B]No. 3 - Rhodes Scholars[/B]
    Rhodes & Sandow would make great heel tag champions. ...
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  2. Sudden Impact: Slammiversary Fall Out

    Hey TNA fans, DK Savior here with the weekly edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and not the "Wholesome Family Entertainment, not a Bloodsport" company from elsewhere. We've just come off what was possibly the best PPV of the year for both companies. Great matches, great action. I'm not a fan of how the World Title Match ended, but we'll do a little review of it and then talk about ...
  3. Breaking the Rules

    Hello everyone. I have come to here to discuss a very important issue in the WWE. Have any of you noticed how WWE constantly changes and breaks their own rules? They just happen to change/break it when that situation comes in play. Let's get started.

    So in order to be disqualified someone must have some outside help by either a person or weapon of some kind. Personally ...
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  4. Why CM Punk is more suitable as a face

    The somewhat eagerly anticipated return of CM Punk is almost near us and no doubt majority of WWE fans will be glad to see him back. Now granted unless something spontaneous occurred in the usual auto-pilot creative minds of WWE, he’ll return as a heel. No doubt Punk is a great heel, but his anti-hero face ...
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  5. The new Main-eventers vol. 2

    Hey everyone it's me again with a blog about new main-eventers. This is my second blog about it. And since there was no feedback on my other post, i' just going to continue with the blog.

    Mason Ryan I mean, this guy IS a monster. I still don't understand why he isn't in the main event. Wwe has a muscled up, monster-looking wrestler ...
  6. My Personal Wrestlemania xXx

    Ok first thing's first. This is my dream Wrestlemania line-up and it's perfect for me. I completely understand that a lot of people would hate my booking, but I felt like sharing as a lot of people have shared theirs recently.
    It's on the premise that WWE can hire anyone they want despite other commitments (say TNA for instance) and everyone involved is healthy and medically cleared to compete. ...
  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    As reported earlier on this site wwe seems to be on the verge of pushing Daniel Bryan this summer, in my opinion this push is a year over due.

    At this time last year Bryan had entered Wrestlemania as world champion even though the match lasted 18 seconds due to time constraints for 'bigger' matches, Sheamus and Bryan made the best out the situation in a small program from the Wrestlemania ...
  8. My view: Top 5 positives and negatives of WWE

    To start this blog out, I must say, I hate discussing the current state of WWE's product. It isn't that it is all bad or good. It is the responses you receive from ignorant fans who believe nothing in WWE is good. All you see is "PG era" what is wrong with WWE. How to fix WWE? Get all stressed out over it. Like some idiots come here and say "John Cena is what is wrong with WWE." ...

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  9. New Tag Teams I'd Like to See

    The tag team division, which received a nice push awhile back, has again floundered. The Shield aren't really a tag team, they're three guys who mostly wrestle in six-man action. Don't get me wrong, the Shield are great, and they should hold onto their respective titles for a long time. But I'd like to see some real teams, with real team gimics. These are not just two random guys thrown together, ...

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  10. Current Feuds That Need Some Juice

    Lets take a look at a couple feuds that need a little more juice to be entertaining. Something seems to be missing, lets try to figure out what that is.

    Sheamus vs Sandow
    What’s the point of this anyway? This feud started a few weeks ago but it has ever really taken off. I think partly because the crowd could care less for either performer. Sheamus has hit a plateau ...

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