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  1. 5 NXT Prospects that will be the future

    Hey mr.onemanband on his own blog in today's blog I will be talking about NXT prospects. We aren't talking about any prospects we are talking the five future stars of the WWE.*

    5. Xavier Woods - You probably are scratching your heads on this why woods? He couldn't do it in TNA. So why is this my guy. Woods is exciting he's refreshing his promos have that something about him. He's very ...

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  2. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Possible Replacements for Kane in the Money in the Bank match

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan. I hope you all are getting excited for Money in the Bank. I am sure you guys have heard about Kane being pulled out of the WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder match because of 'injuries' suffered at the hands of the Wyatt Family. There have been talks and question as to who will be a possible replacement for the Big Red Monster/Machine. I am hear to share ...
  3. Three Steps to Make John Cena Heel

    Are you like me? Have you been waiting for a John Cena heel turn for a long time now? It seems like it should have happened already but never took place. I mean, he is the face of the franchise but his character has gotten stale since around 2008/2009. All the little kid jokes, putting down the heels, and overcoming the odds has been dragged on for too long now. Here our my three easy steps too make ...
  4. Wrestling's Fan Predictions- Money in the Bank 2013

    Hi there, with Money in the Bank coming up in just a few days, I'd thought I'd write a blog and state what my predictions are the upcoming event. The last time I written one of these blogs was for WrestleMania 29 back in April, and my predictions were all spot on apart from two.

    This year I think that the Money in the Bank card has got some quality matches on there and looks like a very ...
  5. In The Stables- Mark Jordan

    Wrestling was never seen as a team sport. Muscular men battling each other for ultimate supremacy. However in the recent decades of wrestling many stables have not only emerged but also been on top of companies. I look at some of the best recent stables in the wrestling industry:

    I had to start with them, many account WCW’s main success with this stable, It had everything
  6. Kane's Replacement

    Hi guys.With Kane most likely to be ruled out of Sundays wwe title mitb match to sell the Wyatt Family's attack its likely for someone new to take his place. So what I want to know if your top 5 picks.

    Rumored is Bray Wyatt but to me it doesn't really make sense. He only debuted on Raw this week and we haven't even seen him wrestle. Not that I am doubting his ability but he would be ...
  7. EWN Championship Finals

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host of this event Assassin Blade. What better words can express the emotion going into tonight's atmosphere as I am excited for the finals of the EWN Championships! The bloggers who have made it tonight have proven a purpose in life and to everyone reading there blogs. They have proven day and day out that they are the best in the world and could handle the heat in ...

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  8. Maximizing the Credibility of the WWE Belts

    First off, I will give credit to WWE for being the best wrestling promotion for the last 40+ years. WWWF was the top territory, WWF was supreme over WCW and WWE officially has no real competition in the present day. However, despite their dominance over the competing promotions, the one thing they continue to struggle at is making their titles relevant. Ever since the Monday night wars, the WWE ...
  9. The men who shouldn't have been Champion

    Alternative Universe XIII The men who shouldn't have been Champion.

    Back on AU XI I talked about people who were near to becoming World champions in the WWF/WWE but didn't for whatever reason.
    This time i'm going to take five individuals who shouldn't have been champion and why.

    (Before I start, its nothing personal against these guys, who I'm sure are nice ...

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  10. Eight Simple Rules for Developing my Tag Team Division

    Hi all. Forgive the appalling title to the blog entry!

    I've spoken about the tag division before on here. It's something close to my heart, as some of my favourite matches and wrasslers have been superb tag workers and it makes me sad as hell seeing the tag division sitting in the toilet. I especially hate the way thrown-together singles workers get to go over established tag teams on ...

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