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  1. WWE Live Event Experience from a First Timer

    Hey guys, I know there's been quite a few of these reviews since the WWE has embarked on a world tour, but I just couldn't let my first live WWE event go untold, so here it goes!

    The arena (Vector Arena) here in Auckland, New Zealand was PACKED, with only the top row being tarped off.

    ==CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio==
    Despite the usual jeers from the crowd, the crowd's ...
  2. WWE Quiz to Prove a Point

    When it comes to the state of the WWE, everyone has their opinions as to what's wrong with it's product today.
    As for my views on the matter you can read my previous blogs. However, for this one, I have decided to give you peeps a quiz to illustrate some of the key problems. Give them a go and see how many you can get right!

    1. Who, and when, was the last superstar to ...

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  3. Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston Rivalry.

    Hey guys hope all is well. Dolph & Kingston have literally been experiencing an on-screen rivalry for about 2 years on and off and my question is where is this going?

    Now Kofi & Dolph happen to be my two favorite midcarders. I honestly look at their rivalry as something fresh and amazing and I honestly don't want it to end anytime soon.

    When I look at these ...

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  4. WWE: Tag Team Division - Relaunch

    The return of Battle Bowl: The Lethal Lottery
    (Starrcade '91 & '92, Slamboree '96)

    This WCW concept was excellent - the ending culmination was a disappointment.

    What Worked: The Lethal Lottery concept placed 20+ wrestlers names into a spinning barrel and were drawn Randomly and On Air to make up unique Tag Teams. These Tag Teams would pit friend vs. friend ...
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  5. STATE OF THE 'E: Fight The Machine

    I'm sitting at home awaiting one of my favorite shows: WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!! During the signature, I'm always promised "We Have A Great Show" and then we get into the meat of it.

    Tonight, something strange happened. Something in my eyes I thought I wouldn't see for at least a couple more years. My 6 year old boy looked at me and said:

    "I don't think I ...
  6. Vince, Punk, Cena...Hogan. TNA Invasion Angle?

    Hey guys, now before the bashing starts, I know 100% that this whole Punk possibly leaving with the WWE Title isn't an invasion angle but what if it was? A man can dream right?

    I will reiterate that I'm ranting based on what if's and what I and the people want to see.

    Now after watching Punk's original promo and the promo between Cena & Vince, I began to think long ...

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  7. WWE's biggest mistakes, a recap...........

    After reading comments on this page from the readers about how TNA was so awful and WWE was the best thing since sliced bread. Let's recap some of WWE's greatest failures that we've lived through:

    1) The Montreal Screwjob: Enough has been said about this that it's way past old news, but before this we weren't seeing behind the scenes documentaries and how the matches were put together. ...

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  8. Fans Should Buy Money In The Bank and Destination X in 2011

    Alright. Time for another blog by Wrestling_Deluxe_08. All I ask is that you leave your comments down below after reading.

    Time for a dose of reality. It seems to me that a huge majority of the fans here in the IWC/YWC do nothing but constantly bitch, moan, and complain about what they see on WWE and TNA. They cry about TNA (Impact Wrestling) not showcasing the X-division anymore ...

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  9. "CM Punk"'s Final Months? Possible trouble for Phil Brooks.

    Having recently heard the talk of the WWE copywriting, trademarking, or whatever you want to call it, the names “CM Punk” and “The Last Outlaw”, this fan is instantly reminded of the Impact wrestling former tag team “Team 3D”'s departure from the WWE. Formerly known worldwide as the Dudley Boyz, this team electrified the tag team division in the late 90s and early 00’s. Their stints ...
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  10. Wrestling Revolution! (CM Punk Inspired)

    Now im going to start off saying we all know by now that CM punks Work/Shoot has shaken up things in the wrestling community. That Promo on Raw last week was with out of doubt some of the best Television we have seen on a wrestling show in quite some time, and it was only a 6 min segment at the end of RAW.

    Is there anyone out like me who is tired of the Bullshit that goes on in the ...

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