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  1. The Rise & Fall of Scott Hall (No Pun Intended)

    Hey guys Knox here.. I have to talk about Scott Hall today. No beef with Scott Hall, dude was definitely a hero to me back in his WWF days. He was the definition of "The Bad Guy". Easily one of the greatest gimmicks ever.

    I'm going to blog on what I think ultimately destroyed Scott Hall's career and his personal life.

    I have to blog on my personal hero ...
  2. An action packed WrestleMania

    Messing about I came up with a card for next years mania that should be entertaining and possible. Matches go in order from bottom of the card to top, and is done to get some of the roster some actual game time, such as rhodes and ziggler who could do with instead of being in a random multi man match

    1 Awesome Truth v Air Boom v Swagger & Christian v Big Show & Kane (tag) ...

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  3. The Next Few Months Leading To Wrestlemania

    Some Sort OF Alliance Between Kevin Nash & John Laurinaitis
    Bringing Shawn MIchaels Back For A Short Time NOT TO WRESTLE, Perhaps To Shake Things Up W Triple H, Steph, & Vince.

    The Undertaker To Return Have A Quick Feud With Some1 & Get Him Self Prepare For What Could Be His LAST MATCH @ Wrestlemania

    Chris Jericho To Also Return For Wrestlemania ...

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  4. Dream TNA vs WWE Matches

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here with my 3rd blog in 2 days and now I want to discuss Dream TNA VS WWE matches. As long as their currently on the roster then they're aloud in the blog. I'm imaging this was tomorrow - so no Kharma or Hogan or Flair. Plus Heel or faces dont matter in this blog

    MATCH 1 - TLC


  5. Where TNA should go with the Storm vs Roode feud

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing how I feel THE TNA rivarly everyones talking about should go. It will start from Thursdays Impact going to Lockdown - which will be the blowoff.


    Bobby Roode come out. He says that although hes happy for Storm, he never got a rematch for the title that he was screwed out of by that son of a bitch Angle. Storm comes out ...
  6. Ways that Impact Wrestling could use Samoa Joe

    Hey guys, I have totally ran out of blogs so I'll be writing about Samoa Joe and ways that he can be used.

    1. Career so far
    I'm just talking about his honours in TNA. He started TNA with a undefeated streak so I knew he had potential to be World Champion. He has won the World Heavyweight Champion at Lockdown 2008 and held the title for 6-7 months which was a decent run as champion ...
  7. My Dream WrestleMania card

    WWE Championship
    Triple Threat match
    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Triple H

    [I]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio via Pinfall after pinning Punk after a Pedigree from Triple H and tossing out Triple H[/I]

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Christian (c) vs. John Cena

    [I]Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champions: ...
  8. Was That A Poot 6: A Double is TNA's CM Punk

    Hey guys the breazey butting, Ric Flair strutting (jiggling nipples included), Mullet wearing, child scaring, lovable, huggable, redneck Poot-Hair here with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yes my blogs are more exciting than a dirty depends diaper on a pole match between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair (with Scott Hall as special guest ref......too soon?). It's been awhile since ...
  9. My Dream Summerslam 2012 including recent WWE superstars

    Wasson people Lucha_Libre here on my 1st blog so don't be too criticial


    You've must have WRESTLED for the WWE since Wrestlemania 25 (Non-Exclusive) so NO Rock, Stone Cold, Samoa Joe or JBL. Divas will be involved. Managers are aloud but a limit of 1 (so Dolph for Example can't have Maria and Vickie)

    MATCH 1 - LADDER ...

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  10. My WWE PPV Dreamlist

    Short Analysis of World Wrestling Entertainment Pay Per Views
    This is my first blog and whilst watching Vengeance last night, it hit me how poor the PPVS have been in the WWE this year. Bar the exception of maybe money in the bank and the royal rumble, I have found the others to be average to poor. As a result I thought I would write how I think WWE should do their ppvs

    WWE ...

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