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  1. The Written Wrestling Conundrum: Main Eventers

    Currently in the WWE The main Eventers include:

    CM Punk:
    This guy worked till his bones broke in every promotion he's been in, and now he has finally secured his role in the WWE main event, hopefully for a long time. His promos are the best in the company, his matches are always high stakes, and he has the right look to be the face of the company.

    John Cena: ...

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  2. The Rock winning at WrestleMania may be good for business

    WrestleMania 28 – Rock going over Cena may be better for business

    I’ve read many articles (many of them were well written and very good) on the WM28 main event. Many make the point that Cena should go over The Rock for multiple reasons.

    Mr. Signorelli a month or so ago wrote an article with Bleacher Report makes the point that Cena is the future of the company, ...
  3. STATE OF THE 'E: When The WWF Changed

    This was a headline put out by Newswire on September 20th, 2000:

    “NEW YORK, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ --

    WWF RAW IS WAR, the highest rated weekly entertainment series on cable television, will switch from USA Network to the newly named TNN (The National Network) on Monday, September 25 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). TNN will run a total of four hours of WWF programming each week ...

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  4. TNA Final Resolution Predictions...And some WHY's?

    Hey everyone. I'm liking the comments I'm getting. It's great interacting with everyone. A change of pace, away from all the Undertaker Streak and Cena vs Rock blogging that's been going on. I'm going to focus solely on TNA.

    First, I want to touch on some WHYs I have about what's happening in Impact Wrestling.

    WHY is there still an Immortal faction? They seem to be doing ...
  5. Does the WWE Need a 3rd brand again?

    Wwe Superstars started April 2009 and Wwe Nxt started Febuary 2010. Wwe nxt replaced Ecw which was a great show.*

    Wwe Superstars
    It was thought that this was going to be a great show showcasing some of the Wwe's best main talent. Let's look at the first ever show's matches:

    Cody Rhodes def. Shane McMahon by disqualification*

    Christian def. Finlay, ...

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  6. Current WWE Storylines

    Hey everyone this is my first blog. I'm just gonna jot down my thoughts on current storylines in the WWE.

    Rock Vs. John Cena

    This is the big Wrestlemania match people are looking foward to. There are many questions arising about this match. Should John get passed the torch? Will he turn heel before the match? I believe this match will be like Rock vs. Hogan. The crowd ...

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  7. Blog Wars 6: Top 5 Matches of the 2011

    Welcome back to another edition of Blog Wars. I will have the match ups for the KOTR tournament for next week soon so bear with me because it is going to be a lot of work on my part. This week our new champion The_Crippler will defend against ELNIOJR. Here is the list

    Top 5 Matches of 2011
    Since the year is about to end soon I decided to let my guests pick the best matches ...
  8. The Streak- Undertakers next opponent

    Firstly I have not included Chris jerhico or Cm punk because I don't think jerhico Is the right person to face undertaker at Wrestlemania and punk had a lengthy feud with him a few years back (I also think they will both be feuding over the wwe title).

    Secondly, I think whoever faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania should lose to *keep his legacy so he can retire 20-0.

    The ...
  9. Top 5 Wrestlers Who Need a Submission Finisher

    Hi, I've seen lots of forum posts on this subject so I though I'd blog on the top 5 wrestlers who need to use a submission finisher (or need to start using their submission finisher more).

    5. Sin Cara
    Finisher: La Mistica
    Submission he should start to use/use more: Add in the Fujiwara arm bar at the end

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  10. THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA. Why Cena can't win.

    Just imagine The Rock whopping Cena's candy ass all match and then Cena does his incredible 5 moves of doom or whatever garbage that is and pins him 1,2,3. Much like he does most wrestlers that are better than him. There's no passing of the torch here............just a shockingly awful disgrace. In fact in my last post I said that Rock already passed the torch to Cena 7 years ago when he left. That ...

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