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  1. WWE's Use of John Cena and Zack Ryder

    As I mentioned in my previous thread it is my belief WWE's trying to keep Cena a face by associating him with Ryder (the internet champion) and while I was given alot of justifications on how that wouldn't make sense cause it would make Piper's segment with Cena irrelevant I still believe it's what's going on. It's no secret that WWE creative keeps changing scripts last minute and changes ideas all ...

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  2. Slammys 2011 Review

    The Slammys were somewhat decent last night. Okay, I'm lying, I thought the Slammys were actually pretty good. The only time I changed the channel (besides for commercial) was when K2 won Diva of the Year. So, I'm going to give my opinion on the awards and the winners, at least some.

    1). 'Tell Me I Did Not Just See That' Moment of the Year: 'JR' Jim Ross-Okay, I didn't see that part ...

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  3. 2011 TNA Final Destination Review

    Hello there everyone, this is my second blog, the first one I explained what I would do if I could change TNA Wrestling for the better, and I had many really positive reviews, thanks for that!

    Onto the task in hand, let me begin with TNA Final Resolution PPV.
    (I rate matches from 1-10 Stars)

    RVD vs Daniels - This was a weak match, RVD looked slow and was lacking ...

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  4. Finishing Moves: Breaking the “Bickering Code" and 2011 Slammy Review

    Hey Splashers! I just submitted my “Blog Wars:KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV’s”. I’ve already read Knox’s and Rodrik’s and they both got a great read! Well enough of the pluggin, and let start the splashin!

    Finishing Moves: Breaking the “Bickering Code”.
    I watched TNA’s Final Resolution, ...

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  5. Final Resolution and Raw Thoughts....Kane Returns

    Hey Everyone. This blogging thing is really awesome. I'm glad mostly everyone likes what I'm writing. But, rather than waste time with all that, I'll jump right in.

    Final Resolution. I actually did pretty bad on my predictions. Some of the comments had predictions that were better than mine. I should have known that Kurt Angle was going to put Storm over since he's doing the Olympics ...
  6. Raw Reaction: 12/12/11 - Kane Returns!

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. It's Slammy time and we aren't gonna waste anytime so without further ado...

    Slammy #1 - Tell me I didn't just see that Award
    Shuckie Duckie Quack Quack.......? Aside from that...gotta say Ross definitely deserved that win seeing as no one wanted to see what JR did. I don't think I'll go too in depth with these awards seeing as ...
  7. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011 2

    This is the second quarter-final match in the tournament. Same topic as all of the other QF matches so lets see the competitors. We have the first Blog Wars Champion Dr. Death taking on newcomer Callum.

    Top 3 PPVs of 2011

    Same rules as before, any PPV this year qualifies and they can pick their own criteria.

    Dr. Death

    On this edition of Blog ...
  8. Jeff Hardy: The New #1 Contender For The TNA HC

    Greetings community,
    Before I begin, I just wanted to let you all know that I am new to blogging on this website, I just moved over here from
    Anyway, here's my new entry:

    These are my thoughts on Jeff Hardy being the new #1 Contender to the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

    The whole incident at TNA Victory Road '11 should never ...

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  9. Top 5 Heels of 2011 (part 1)

    In this blog i'll be talking about the top 5 heels this year. I based my list on:
    -The impact they made
    -In ring ability
    -Mic skills
    -how much they're hated

    5. Mark Henry

    Mark Henry needed to turn heel, he'd been jobbing for ages when suddenly he becomes ...
  10. Scenario Approach: #1 Contenders...Mid-Card

    What ever happened to #1 contender matches on PPVs? I remember the attitude era having them. I'm not refering to battle royals, I like them but there is only one TRUE rumble. Most #1 contender matches take place on free tv but should have more on PPV. The US & Intercontinental titles should be defended at the major PPVs and then alternate the remaining ones.

    Here are my examples ...

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