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  1. WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Review and Thought...

    Match 1: Zack Ryder pinned Dolph Ziggler (c) to win the United States Championship. I love the chemistry that these two have together. The match was great, not too long, and not too short, and there were a lot of great moments. 4/5*

    Match 2: Air Boom (c) def. Primo & Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. A good match, but the crowd was completely dead during the match. ...
  2. January 2nd is Approaching

    Hey everyone. I'm back with another blog. This one will be quick because I plan on posting three times this week. I'm going to jump right in to this one and throw out a few possibilities for the January 2nd video.

    First, this is all pure speculation. I know the website is reporting that the video is supposed to be for Jericho but when reading his tweets, I have to look at other possibilities ...
  3. What the Attitude Era was all about - The Birth

    Two Fallen Heroes, The Rise of Anti-Authority, Gang Warfare, Crude Behaviour and downright crazy stuff were just some things that summed up the attitude era.

    1997 was a rapidly changing time in wrestling. Suddenly WWF was blown out of the water and was an inferior product to the once corny looking alternative version of WWF for most wrestling fans, WcW. Wrestling began to hurdle towards ...
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  4. Daniel Bryan DESERVES To Be A WWE World Champion!

    I am really happy to be a wrestling fan right now.

    Internet fans, especially ROH fans, rejoice! You have TWO top-notch Indy wrestlers as the top two world champions in wrestling TODAY. CM Punk is the WWE champion and he is doing a fine job as one too. Then as a result of a Money In The Bank cash in on Big Show last night at TLC, Daniel Bryan is now, as I am writing of this blog, the ...
  5. Review of all the WWE ppvs of 2011 PART 3.

    12. Survivor Series=Instead of facing Zach Ryder, Dolph Ziggler faced off against John Morrison in the opening match of the evening. A fun solid opening match which deserved more time, the crowd however screamed for Zach and were not interested in the match at all. 2 and a half stars. Another Divas rematch was up next between Beth and Eve which was worse then their previous match apart from the ending ...
  6. Review of all the WWE ppvs of 2011 PART 2.

    7. Money in the Bank (Mitb)= Things kicked off with the Smackdown Mitb match featuring Sheamus, Cody, Kane, Wade, Slater, Bryan and Gabriel as well as Sin Cara. Halfway through the match, Sheamus power bombed Sin Cara through a table, resulting in Sin Cara being stretchered out of the arena. However that did not stop the momentum of this match as it was fast paced and enthralling with numerous high ...
  7. WWE PPVs of 2011 Review Pt 1.

    In the year 2011, WWE gave us a total of 13 ppvs, some amazing, some good, some average, some awful. Below is my review of all the ppvs of 2011. In this review, I shall only be commenting on the matches, not any backstage segments.

    1. Royal Rumble= The 3 matches on the card before the rumble itself was Edge VS Ziggler in a good opening 3 and a half star bout in which Edge prevailed. ...

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  8. Daniel Bryan winning the World Heavyweight Championship

    Most people are wondering why WWE decided to have Daniel Bryan cash in this Money in the Bank contract at TLC. In my opinion, it's the best decision WWE has made since turning R-Truth heel.

    Daniel Bryan says he was gonna cash in the contract at WrestleMania 28 on whoever the champion was at that time. Most likely, a new champion would've been crowned at WM28 and they would've wanted ...
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  9. Booking the TV Title, The Right Way

    Ever since Eric Young has held the TV title is has been an absolute JOKE! so I will be writing about the ways that it could be used right

    1. History
    Okay, its gone from the Legends Champion to the Global Champion to the TV Champion! Jheeze, how many name changes do you need to 1 title! Here are the TNA stars who have held it so far (in order):

    Booker T - He introduced ...

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  10. WWE TLC 2011 Review

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. We're coming off what was in my opinion a really good ppv so without further ado...

    Match #1 - U.S. Title - Dolph Ziggler (c.) vs. Zack Ryder
    Ladies and gentlemen Zack Ryder has finally arrived. Say what you want but this man deserves every bit of it and I for one am glad to see him given the opportunity he's fought for the entire ...

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