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  1. Is there really a new regime??

    Hi happy holidays for you all, currently in the WWE we have a situation that many never expected to see in their, Phil Brooks and Bryan Danielson as world champions in the most importnat wrestling company simultaneously, this two guys made their names in the indies after years of hard work and finally conquer the throne of pro wrestling and you could say they are the most popular ine betwwen the ...
  2. My WWE Awards

    After the Slammys,I thought to give my opinions on the best matches of the year,Superstar of the Year etc:

    Best Matches Of 2011:
    Dolph Ziggler vs Edge (Royal Rumble)
    Edge vs Alberto Del Rio (Wrestlemania 27)
    Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania 27)
    Randy Orton vs CM Punk (Wrestlemania 27)
    Triple H vs Undertaker (Wrestlemania 27)
    Christian ...
  3. Booking the IC Championship up to Wrestlemania

    In this blog I'll be saying how I think the Intercontinental Championship should be booked from the royal rumble up to Wrestlemania.

    At the royal rumble have Hunico eliminate Cody
    Rhodes. The following raw Cody cuts a promo saying how he was cheated and that he would of won the rumble had Hunico not eliminated him (or something along those lines).

    The next week ...

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  4. STATE OF THE 'E: To Be #HEEL Or Not To Be #HEEL

    Welcome to another edition of the blog form of SOT'E. First off, Merry Christmas (Santamas) and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Now, on to business... I haven't done one in a little bit but, I have a pretty good topic I'd like to discuss. I've seen this posted once before but, I'm going for it again. I'm going to present BOTH sides of the arguement though and then see if I can come to a viable ...
  5. New Opinion of Dolph Ziggler

    Hey folks. Thanks again for reading. I know this is my fourth post this week and it's most definitely my last until at least a few days after Christmas. But I just needed to bring the topic of Dolph Ziggler up. Just Ziggler in general. I have a new opinion of him. Before I start though, I just want to say, that I can't stand The Miz. He's a pain in the butt. He talks too much. But I love his theme ...
  6. Storylines for Cm Punk leading into Wrestlemania

    What's going on IWC, here are 3 storylines for Punk leading into Wrestlemania so I hope you enjoy (I'll try and do other storylines as well, hopefully tommorow)

    Storyline 1:
    'Best in the World' Cm Punk (c) vs 'Best in the World' Chris Jericho - WWE Champion match

    Well, you got CM Punk who is currently the WWE Champion, so have him defend it against The Miz at ...
  7. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Semi Finals: Top 5 High Flying Moves 2

    Welcome to the second semi-final match in this exciting KOTR Edition of Blog Wars. First of all I like to thank everyone for making Blog Wars a success, I couldn't have done it without everyone who has and will participate and hope to continue next year. Happy Holidays The winner will move on to the final to face Dr. Death for the title of King of the Blogs. Today we have blogging sensation Rick ...
  8. An idea for the WWE Network

    I'm going to start off by saying I'm a wrestling fan, not just a WWE or TNA or ROH fan. I like them all. Admittedly, I enjoy/watch WWE more often than the others, so you'll never really see me on here bashing TNA or trying to contribute "intelligent" opinions about it because I know some/but not a lot.

    But last night, while watching iMPACT, I caught the X-Division contest ...
  9. My Ideas On How To Fix Impact.

    I was watching an episode of Impact on December 21st 2011 and most of it was good. There were also alot of parts that I did not like. For one thing for those of you who watched the main event Jeff Hardy and Sting vs Bobby Roode and Bully Ray the match was decent except after a couple of years watching wrestling I already know the outcome. For example Bobby and Bully were dominating during the entire ...
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  10. WWE: People Who I Feel Bad For

    With the Holiday season coming up, it is great to look at those who may not have it as good as you and reflect (even if they are multi-multi-millionaires)

    Disclaimer: I have not been watching the WWE product lately but I have been reading about it to stay current. However, I feel that my opinions can still be made without sitting through every second of Raw, Smackdown, NXT(?), and ...

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