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  1. 5 Superstars WWE Shouldn't Of Let Go

    This is my third blog in 3 days and i was watching HHH v Shelton Benjamin on Youtube and it got me thinking just the amount of extrodinary talent the WWE has just let go! so the 5 i believe they should have kept are these guys!

    Shelton Benjamin-If he was given the right push he could have been a big star,he totally dominated the Intercontinental scene and proved he's worth in a number ...

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  2. WWE to TNA: Who could Benefit from Switching Sides

    Been reading blogs on this site for a while now so it's really about time I added to the array of opinions! (Be nice its my first blog ^^)

    Moving on, this blog is going to be a list of wrestlers I believe would benefit from moving from WWE to TNA or vice-versa. Would just like to say before we start that I'm aware that many of the switches I am stating are pretty much 99.99% never going ...

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  3. WWE's Current State: PG Status, Shawn Michaels, and More!

    Good morning fellow marks! I've been coming here for a couple of years and just now registered, so we'll see how this goes!

    First of all, this is not a PG bashing session. I personally am not a fan, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't sell. John Cena taking his shirt off for mommy and always pulling a win out for the kiddies puts asses in seats. I know everybody loves to hate on him, ...

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  4. Top 5 WWE Moment of Surprise in the 2000s

    For this blog, I am only going from the time frame from 2002 to now. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion of the top 5 most surprising moments I saw.

    5: The Rock Returns As Host of Wrestlemania
    the-Rock_320 (1).jpg
    When i started watching wrestling in the summer of 2002, I remember seeing The Rock lose to Lesnar at Summerslam, and then go away until the following ...

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  5. Why I dislike John Cena

    I have been a wrestling fan all my life and I don't think I've ever disliked someone more than I do John Cena. Though The Miz takes a close second.

    Why do I dislike John Cena?

    Because he is exactly what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he is. He is a phony. Cena used to rap and it was usually hilarious. His "thug" gimmick was the real Cena. Now he's ...
  6. 5 Great Future Wrestling Fueds!

    Hey guys I'm back again with my second blog! Here is my first blog in case you missed it.!

    Dolph Ziggler v CM Punk-Two of the very best entertainers in the WWE at this moment in time! Dolph makes a great heel and reminds me so much of Jericho/Triple H back in the old days.Both ...

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  7. Top 10 Funniest Matches in Wrestling History

    What makes wrestling so entertaining? Well, for me, it's how it can make me laugh. It's becoming rarer and rarer these days - but when wrestling is funny it's about the hardest I'll laugh at anything. What makes a match funny? It could be any number of things. Sometimes a match is meant to be funny, sometimes it's not. Perhaps the managers or commentators will add something. Ideally it's a mixture ...

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  8. Change in Impact Wrestling, Fires, Hires, and PPVs

    Using the money right
    They have to use there money and use it right, They should get sponsor’s in I wouldn’t mind if they had some advert’s with there star’s in them. They can go back to having some logo’s in the ring of there sponsor’s, also start using the backstage interview again and have the background have more logo’s
    Who to fire and hire
    Christopher ...

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  9. Blog Wars 7: Top 5 Match Types that need a Comeback

    Welcome back to Blog Wars. With the KOTR tournament over, Dr. Death has earned the right to challenge The Crippler for the title. Here is the list

    Top 5 Match Types that Need a Comeback

    Basically, both guys will list the 5 match types they think need to return. The only rule is no match type used in 2011 or 2012.

    Dr. Death


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  10. Why the Attitude Era dominates today's PG Era.

    Hey everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your week. Instead of wasting everyone's time talking about this WEAK's *yes I spelled that correctly* wrestling programming, I want to talk about one of the hotter topics that seems to creep into every debate. The Attitude Era.

    Let me start by saying, I'm guilty and I'll admit it. I have seriously been a little biased with my commentary on The Attitude ...

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