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  1. The Similarity between the New Kane & Old Undertaker

    Currently, WWE has a photo gallery up comparing Kane's new look to Undertaker's older look when he used to wear a mask. I'm a bit ashamed to have never noticed the similarity until now...

    Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.55.18 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.55.56 PM.jpg

    Also, this...
    Screen Shot 2012-01-17 at 8.57.08 PM.jpg

    Before I thought they were giving Kane the more menacing serial killer ...
  2. Top 10 from 2003: Numbers 5-1

    Hello everyone, this is the second part of my previous blog, of showcasing what I feel the ten biggest things from 2003 were. They could be matches, feuds, individual moments, whatever they may be, I feel they helped make 2003 unique. So lets get back into it shall we.

    #5: Brock Lesnar turns heel on Kurt Angle, leading to 60 minute Iron Man match on Smackdown

    I remember ...
  3. The 10 Most Proud Wrestling Fathers

    Hey guys Knox here. Just thought I'd blog a little about some great 2nd generation stars but 'm taking an interesting twist on this one. I'm going to talk about the proud fathers of these 2nd & 3rd generation stars and rank them as whom I think is the most proud.

    Ted Dibiase Sr.: Is he not proud of his two sons?
    I was watching the Hall of Fame Induction from 2010 when Ted ...

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  4. RAW Check! The Danish view - 17/01/2012

    Hello people! This is a new blog series I will be starting, where I will review each of the segments of RAW, hopefully you will enjoy!

    The RAW Opener

    Mick Foley comes out and says that he wants to be in the Royal Rumble. Ziggler interrupts and make a mockery out of it. Punk comes out and backs Foley up, until John Laurinatis comes out and says that Foley cant be in ...
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  5. Monday Night Right 1/16/12

    Live from Anaheim, California
    Segment 1-The show begins with Mick Foley coming out stating he wants to be in the Royal Rumble to show his sons that daddy still has it. This brings out Dolph Ziggler stating he shouldn't hog the spotlight from the wrestlers in the back who worked all year and Mick Foley keeps talking about how anything is possible, this brings out Punk who insults Ziggler ...
  6. Please Keep Vince McMahon Away + Thoughts on Raw

    Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior back for anther write up. Not much has happened this week so there wasn't much for me to post about. But I'm back and I'm going to start with my thoughts on tonight's Raw.

    Raw this week was okay. Wasn't horrible. Wasn't really anything to write home about either. I liked the fact that they were running two championship matches, even though they both ...
  7. 2012 state of wrestling

    This is my first time blogging on here, certainly won't be the last, I just like talking wrestling. I'm just gonna jump right into it.

    So, being a fan of wrestling now for over 15 years, I would tend to think I know a good amount about wrestling and what makes it good. Obviously everyones taste is different so you can take anything and everything I say with a grain of salt. In America, ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. Johnny Ace snaps, JeriTrolled again, and Socko returns...

    Why hello again! As I did last week, I'm going to blog on this week's Raw. Let's get this started...

    As it will be the talk of the IWC for the next week, I'm going to start with the last fifteen minutes or so of this week's show. The JeriTroll struck again and Mick Foley took his place in what was already a pretty decent main event. I for one thought that was the big moment this ...
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  9. Uncooked: RAW, The Good, The Bad, The Impartial

    Another Monday night has come and passed, and now we must wait another week before we to get to see what unfolds on monday night Raw. I wanted to take a moment though, and look at the events of tonights Raw, and share with everyone my thoughts on what we saw, and what I think we will see to come.

    The Good

    The Opening Raw Segment
    I was surprised to see Mick Foley come ...

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  10. Raw Reaction - 1/16/12

    What's poppin folks! It's time once again for another addition of Raw Reaction. I'm not going to waste any time so without further ado...

    Opening Segment -
    I have to say that I enjoyed that segment. It was refreshing to not see Cena open up Raw and I'm glad they let Punk do his duties as champion and open the show. Also you can't go wrong with a Mick Foley appearance so there's ...

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