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  1. Blog Wars: Top 5 Tag Teams 2000-2012

    This is a #1 contenders edition of Blog Wars. The winner of these will face off against the Blog Wars champion in the 15th episode. Here is the list. These lists will be simple usually.

    Top 5 Tag Teams (2000-2012)

    Basically, I want to see who they think are the best tag teams from the 2000s to create a little uniqueness. The team can exist before that time but any accomplishments ...
  2. Could Triple H Do It?

    In my mind, Undertaker will win the Hell In A Cell match. But, there are a couple of points that suggest otherwise...

    Does Calaway Really Care?
    WWE cares about the streak more than anyone else, including the 'Phenom'. Sources are saying that he wants the streak to end so he doesn't retire with such a legacy, and Kurt Angle says similar things. Previously, the McMahons have laughed ...
  3. Re-booking history: Triple H vs Chris Jericho

    What's up blog readers. This is my second time doing re-booking history. Before I get into things, I would like for you guys to tell me what past angle/feud I should book next just to make things interesting. Anyways, my next topic is Chris Jericho vs Triple H. Since Wrestlemaina season is here, I thought I re-book the matches from the past Wrestlemaina cards that I thought could have been better ...

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  4. What If: We Came to Break the Walls Down... JeriMiz

    What's happening everyone? Scribbler Jones with another What If Mash-up idea. This one, I think, would be a little more possible than my last one. Once again, just spitballing, but who knows?

    This time, I'm taking a look at two of the more disenfranchised Superstars of the WWE. Two of the most controversial loose cannons that have made their mark on RAW... The Miz and Chris Jericho. ...
  5. Curt Hawkins - Unsung, underrated, underappriciated?

    He was one of the Major Brothers, one of the Edgeheads during the supreme reign of La Familia, WWE Tag Team Champions along his former buddy Zack Ryder and then dominated Friday nights for a while with Vance Archer as the Gatecrashers. Then, a brief run as a singles competitor, mainly wrestling @WWE Superstars. There he had two of the most finest pure wrestling matches I have seen put on WWE's televised ...

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  6. Did John Cena and CM Punk Switch Roles? Nope. Not Even Close.

    I was just watching the Punk-CNN spot (what can I say, I'm a sucker for human beings who think beating women is wrong) when I noticed the only comment below it urging me to read a blog that tells the not-so-accurate tale of Punk becoming the new Cena, how he's already watered down and stale, and how nothing is different about the WWE title. Having read this blog already, I remember finding it annoying ...

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  7. Who To Stay and Who To Go?

    It was recently reported on that WWE is going to cut some talent from the main roster. These will likely all be low card-lower mid carders, so here's my view on those to keep and those to let go of.

    5 To Keep

    This is one of the most exciting divas to debut in the WWE in recent years. Unlike most other face divas (see my blog 'WWE: What Grinds ...
  8. The Splash: The Rights and Wrongs of WrestleMania 28.

    The Rights and Wrongs of WrestleMania 28

    Well Splashers, The Road to WrestleMania is underway, so I thought it was time I get back into shape and start writing again! WrestleMania28 is just over 4 weeks away, and there are still several matches that have yet to be confirmed (or even announced ...

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  9. TNA - 23 February 2012

    Opening video of Bobby Rude’s recent acts. Cut to Rude entering the ring, to the apparent displeasure of the crowd. We are reminded on-screen of Sting's tweet this past week reading simply “I’M DONE,” and a promise that Sting will be present to address that.

    Rude starts out by saying that Sting has quit and is leaving because of Rude. He runs down his own accomplishments, starting ...

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  10. I Dream of Hulkamania, The Rapper, and The Showstopper

    Hey guys, so it is a thursday night, and I am home bored playing WWE 12, and started thinking about dream match ups. Not just people from WWE or just people from TNA, dream match ups from anywhere, so I thought I'd share them. This is by no means a WM dream card or a Bound For Glory dream card, this just merely a dream card of who I think facing off against one another, would lead to an epic ppv. ...

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