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  1. My Ideas On How To Fix Impact.

    I was watching an episode of Impact on December 21st 2011 and most of it was good. There were also alot of parts that I did not like. For one thing for those of you who watched the main event Jeff Hardy and Sting vs Bobby Roode and Bully Ray the match was decent except after a couple of years watching wrestling I already know the outcome. For example Bobby and Bully were dominating during the entire ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Blog From Scotland : #newchampsnewday #whatstocomein2012

    So I was gonna do this Saturday night but decided to put it off until post TLC as I don't wanna use this blog to make predictions and such like. The past 2 Sundays have seen both TNA and WWE put on their final shows of 2011 and I have to say with all honesty WWE have definitely finished the year in a far stronger position than TNA did. One oter thing I should probably mention before going on with ...
  3. WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Review and Thought...

    Match 1: Zack Ryder pinned Dolph Ziggler (c) to win the United States Championship. I love the chemistry that these two have together. The match was great, not too long, and not too short, and there were a lot of great moments. 4/5*

    Match 2: Air Boom (c) def. Primo & Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. A good match, but the crowd was completely dead during the match. ...
  4. January 2nd is Approaching

    Hey everyone. I'm back with another blog. This one will be quick because I plan on posting three times this week. I'm going to jump right in to this one and throw out a few possibilities for the January 2nd video.

    First, this is all pure speculation. I know the website is reporting that the video is supposed to be for Jericho but when reading his tweets, I have to look at other possibilities ...
  5. Daniel Bryan DESERVES To Be A WWE World Champion!

    I am really happy to be a wrestling fan right now.

    Internet fans, especially ROH fans, rejoice! You have TWO top-notch Indy wrestlers as the top two world champions in wrestling TODAY. CM Punk is the WWE champion and he is doing a fine job as one too. Then as a result of a Money In The Bank cash in on Big Show last night at TLC, Daniel Bryan is now, as I am writing of this blog, the ...
  6. WWE TLC 2011 Review

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. We're coming off what was in my opinion a really good ppv so without further ado...

    Match #1 - U.S. Title - Dolph Ziggler (c.) vs. Zack Ryder
    Ladies and gentlemen Zack Ryder has finally arrived. Say what you want but this man deserves every bit of it and I for one am glad to see him given the opportunity he's fought for the entire ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. TLC and Royal Rumble Predictions

    Ok so i might be a little off the mark here, but this is my thoughts on what might happen at the next 2 PPV's from WWE. Winners in bold and explanations below

    WWE Championship Triple Threat TLC Match:
    CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz
    -No-brainer for Punk to win this, ADR is on the decline recently and his limited mic skills and persona have really been evidenced ...
  8. Getting A Reaction

    If you’re a heel you want to hear boo’s whereas if you’re a face you want to hear cheers. At the moment the Mid carders (besides Zack Ryder and one or two others) tend too not get much of a reaction so in this blog I will be discussing how some of the wrestlers can get a reaction and why they don’t get a reaction.

    High flyers
    People such as Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Jeff Hardy ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. WWE: The Most Improved Stars of 2011

    As usual I always like to take a different route with my blogs. Since everyone else is talking about Kane, John Cena, TLC, Top Heels and World Champs, I thought I would focus on a more 'traditional' topic:

    As a disclaimer focus on the 'most improved' part, some great stars might be lower on this list or omitted because they we're already good to begin with and didn't improve much on ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  10. (Current) Wrestlers Who Should Never(Of) Turn(ed) Heel/Face

    Here's a few wrestlers who I don't think should ever of changed to a heel or face.

    Mark Henry
    Whenever he's been a face he's also been a jobber however in his current monster heel run he's been doing great. He's been extremely dominant and I enjoyed the squash he delivered to Orton.

    I enjoyed his previous heel run but they've turned him into a ...

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