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  1. Wrestlemania 28 Fallout

    So the main events of mania are all set and were on the road to some exciting weeks of promos and build up but im here to debate the possible after wrestlemania thoughts.

    Lets start with the possible GM of both brands
    Its rumored there will be a big tag match to determine who will be GM of both shows, myself i would rather see T Long get the nod but funk man does get the better ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. The Shadow Effect: My first Ring of Honor Show

    Hello readers and watchers of wrestling. My name is Zachary Morales and I will be your host for this blog post. Let me introduce myself first before we get to why I'm writing today. I have been watching wrestling for about 15 years. I am now 18 years old. As you can tell I've been watching since I was pretty young. Wrestling to me is an escape. I like most of you want, wrestling to come back to the ...
  3. Ring Ka King of Heels

    This post may contain Ring Ka King spoilers for Feb 25th episode – if you want to watch the episode first you can do so here

    Having just watched my first episode of Ring Ka King I thought I absolutely had to write a post concerning the program. I don’t usually dip my toe in TNA waters, every time I’ve tried ...
  4. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Dream matches

    Hey everyone. Hope your all excited for WrestleMania in just over a month. I know I am. This time, I am going to share with you my opinion on some dream matches.

    [B]Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg [/B]
    The two most powerful superstars in the history of wrestling. Both with the Spear as their finisher and they know how to make it effective. I would have liked to have seen this match. ...
  5. CM Punk and Steve Austin The Epic feud of The Anti Heroes?hell yes or HELL NO!!!

    Whats up, people. I am doing blogs less, and less now a days starting from now it's my official return I am am going to lighten up this place again. Anyway the topic I have decided is about Austin, and Punk.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars in all of WWE/WWF. Austin has have classic matches, and feuds with the likes of HHH,Undertaker, Kurt Angle,Rock,HBK,Vince ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. BLOG WARS - Sell It - Best Tag Team EVER

    Here is your chance to Sell it! Forget eras, timelines etc....Who is the best tag team ever in your opinion?

    Here is how it works!

    List you best ever team and give up to 5 reasons why!
    Everyone check it out...submit your favorite and then come back next Saturday, 3/3 and vote! We will then proclaim the ewrestlingnews greatest tag team of ...
  7. Having a favorite wrestler...

    In life routing for one entity often personifies your direction of attitude and actions, whether it’s supporting your favourite football club or having a favourite boxer. Whenever your boxer fights or team plays you might order the PPV or actually go pay and watch the match. Having a favourite, adds to the love of the entertainment or sport you watch simply because you want to watch you’re favourite ...
  8. A VERY LONG Blog about The Rock and his career as a wrestler

    Hi everybody, the last few days there have been an overwhelming amount of blogs that have appeared, some for, most against, The Rock. If you haven't read my blogs before, or forget, I grew up as a WWE fan in the 80's, and quickly my hero's were Hulk Hogan, Million Dollar Man (definitive heel), Macho Man Randy Savage and funnily enough Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (he really had a lovely head ...

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  9. Sheamus versus Bryan, Orton, or Regal?

    I'm excited for Wrestlemania 28. It is not a perfect card, but look back at any Wrestlemania and find me one? It's not possible. What we have this year, though, are some matches definitely worth looking forward to. An epic encounter between The Rock and Cena. You can hate Cena and resent The Rock, but you have to admit that moment when they meet eye-to-eye in that ring will make you remember why you ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  10. Could Triple H Do It?

    In my mind, Undertaker will win the Hell In A Cell match. But, there are a couple of points that suggest otherwise...

    Does Calaway Really Care?
    WWE cares about the streak more than anyone else, including the 'Phenom'. Sources are saying that he wants the streak to end so he doesn't retire with such a legacy, and Kurt Angle says similar things. Previously, the McMahons have laughed ...

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