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  1. *SPOILERS* CM Punk - MITB Theory

    ROH-bots, TNA-marks, WWE-fan-boys. Regardless of how you feel about WWE, CM Punk's promo was the best ones done in WWE since Paul Heyman's on Vince McMahon a few years ago.

    (For your viewing pleasure)

    Obviously, WWE was behind Punk's promo 100% because we all know that Vince would never let that promo go on for that long. ...
  2. CM Punk, the voice of the long-time WWE fan

    Last night I sat down to watch RAW, and found myself annoyed at the blatant fixing of the RAW Roulette wheel, and the repetitive matches that were put together. I pretty much switched off after the Evan Bourne versus Sin Cara match because I knew it would be good, which it was (the ending was questionable though).

    After RAW had sent me to sleep I woke up this morning to check this
  3. Why CM-Punk's Promo was fake

    Here are the reason's why CM-Punk's promo wasn't a "shoot".
    1. What a coincidence that Raw ended with that promo.
    2. The second he went off-script, his mic should have been taken off. Yes I know it's a live show but it took them that long to mute his mic
    3. WWE has a great feeling that ROH is going to get big so why not just say the name. It's not like no one knows what ROH is, especially

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  4. CM Punk = Wrestling's Promo Jesus

    For those who did not see CM Punk's promo on the 6/27/11 edition of Monday Night RAW, I feel sorry for you. To quote the infamous Joey Styles:

    Oh My God.

    Following a table match between John Cena and R-Truth where CM Punk helps R-Truth defeat Cena, Punk walks to the top of the stage and sits down in his signature "straight edge" Indian style with a microphone ...

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  5. Cm Punk: Most Controversial Promo Ever???

    Hello IWC hope all is well. It is 11:13pm June 27 and Monday Night Raw. That Cm Punk promo at the end of the show might have been the most convincing and surreal promo I've ever seen in recent memory.

    If Cm Punk is leaving forever then they are letting him go out with a bang. But if Punk leaves forever, we might've just lost the greatest talker the WWE has to offer.

  6. Wrestling Matters

    I couldn't help myself with the title. So this is my third blog and I'd like to discuss what aspects of wrestling that really makes for a entertaining show and which company does it best. As I'm not familiar with ROH, they will be left out (sorry ROH fans, I wouldn't like to disrespect you guys).

    Quality Wrestlers
    I know the word wrestler is now taboo in the WWE (i'm still all ...
  7. Money In The Bank Predictions

    Hey guys, Black Falcon here with my first ever blog on the upcoming WWE Pay Per View ‘Money In The Bank”. Only in its second year as a full PPV, The Money in The Bank match has taken mid-carders such as Jack Swagger and CM Punk and propelled them into big-time matches and Championship reigns.

    Here I’ll be commenting on the confirmed championship matches, along with my predictions ...
  8. R.I.P. To Matt Hardy's Fans

    Hey guys. I for one was a very huge fan of Matt Hardy's. I've been backing up everything he's done that people complained about for the longest time until his last mix up with TNA and arriving late for shows.

    Now I will be completely honest, I will always respect and adore Matt Hardy the performer, but the person has really lost a lot of my liking. I wouldn't say I disrespect him, ...

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  9. And I Quote: All Rhodes lead to Greatness

    This is my first blog in a long time so it's a case of shaking off the ring rust haha. It's not included in the title of the blog but i'd just like to say how disappointed i am to hear about the release of Chavo Guerrero. Chavo requested the release and with good reason, unbelievably under-utilized and in my opinion joins the list of 'most underrated wrestlers' along with others including William ...

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  10. Loyal Fans Of The WWF/E

    This blog is for the True Loyal Fans who have been watching WWF/E for years now, I know there is allot of you out there who complain what WWE has become today in the internet or out in the street with your friends.

    What is it that we don't like what WWE has become today??? IMO WWE should change there logo to WKE World Kid Entertainment because it seems to me they are just focusing on ...

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