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  1. Best Mid Card Talent Today

    Hey My last blog was me venting. Anyway here is who I think is the mid card Talent Today.

    Intro:Some of the greatest wrestlers were mid card for all or most of there careers and brought prestige to the titles we have today, and todays Mid card is no different. As they try to do the same thing. So here my list of superstars right now doing the Midcard name justice

    Kofi ...

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  2. Future multi-time WWE Champion

    Future multi-time WWE champion

    Hi eveyone this is baisicly my opinion on who I think will be a future multi-time World Champion in the near future.The order I done this in is who I think will reach there first, keep reading to see who is number #1.

    #5 Daniel Bryan

    If he becomes World Heavy Weight Champion at Wrestlemania and has a decent ...

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  3. TNA Impact Wrestling : Pros and Cons

    Firstly, I want to say that i'm not a TNA hater or in love with the WWE. I'm simply a wrestling fan who wants to watch good wrestling and be entertained.

    Now on topic, TNA was started some 10 years ago by Jeff Jarrett. Its grew swiftly, until about a few years ago it was purchased by Dixie Carter.

    1. The Roster -
    TNA has one of the most impressive ...
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  4. WWE is too complicated

    Wrestling has become too complicated. Gone are the days where the build up to PPV's and big events was about the wrestlers and their feuds. Now it's all about "writers" coming up with ridiculous ideas for "storylines" that lead to nowhere. This is why WWE isn't selling many PPV's anymore. Because we aren't invested in the matches. There is no build up behind the matches anymore. ...
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  5. Is Daniel Bryan going to win a World Champion?

    Hey guys, this my 3rd blog so I hope you enjoy!
    I'll be writing about Daniel Bryan and if he will get a reign as a World Champion

    1. Money in the Bank winner
    As most people know, Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase. That briefcase is important for a reason, the reason is that you can cash it in at any time before Wrestlemania against the World Heavyweight ...

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  6. The Return of the Mega Powers: John Cena & Randy Orton

    Hey guys, Knox here. Whats up with everyone, hope all is going smooth. I'm blogging on the forming of a possible tag team that would shake things up. I want to see the leaders of the new Era as a tag team. I'm talking about John Cena & Randy Orton.

    This would ...
  7. WWE dropping the ball on Drew McIntyre

    Hey guys this is my 2nd blog and I'll be writing about WWE dropping the ball on Drew McIntyre and I hope you enjoy while reading!!!

    1. Chosen One?
    When Drew got introduced as the 'Chosen One' by Vince McMahon he had a fantastic career in store for him, he was 100% hyped up. He beat John Morrison to win the Intercontinental Champion, which was a great feud in my opinion and he ...
  8. Getting the Poison Out: Why is being a "mark" a bad thing?

    Wrestling fans are referred to within the wrestling business as "marks"

    The term was used for decades of course, but many of us didn't know it existed. But it was fair. It implied that we didn't know what was going on. That we thought what we were watching was real. And most of all, that we were willing to pay money to see it. Which we did. We were all "marks" ...
  9. Getting the Poison Out: An (attempted) honest look at John Cena.

    Alright well, we all have our opinions on John Cena. Most of the "IWC" has no use for the guy. They/we don't dislike Cena the man, just the performer. But I haven't seen too many people take a honest look at the performer without giving in to their personal dislike of him. So I'm gonna give it a shot by looking at the facts about him as a performer, and then throw in my personal opinion ...

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  10. The Miz & John Morrison

    Hi, I'm new to this site in regards to blogging, commenting and overall discussing things. However, I've been a huge reader of EWN for a couple years now. I've signed up recently for one main reason and that's to give my opinion on something WWE is at risk of ruining.
    As the title of this blog would suggest, it's Miz & Morrison.

    Now we've had Miz & Morrison the team and ...

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