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  1. 15 Wrestler's at age 40 or older that still have it

    Hey guys Knox here. Ok so I wanted to talk about the many older wrestlers that still seem to impress me in the ring from WWE & TNA. This list will include the top wrestlers that perform stellar matches at an old age. Bare with me guys, this should be fun.

    Wrestlers over 40 that still have it:

    15. Jerry Lawler (61)
    I might get alot of heat for this one but ...

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  2. TNA: An Overview (Pt. 1) *Spoiler Information Used*

    As promised in my WWE: An Overview blog, here is the TNA side of things.

    I'll also repeat some of the title information, that I am using spoiler information.

    I'll start with the whole Hogan thing.

    I've never liked Hogan's character. He is an abysmal heel and even worse as a face. (I am biased as I never liked him in the WWF..WCW..WWE.) I do like his character ...
  3. 12 guys the WWE regret letting go? 7 guys they don't?

    Hey guys Knox here. I was looking around at some of the top WWE guys the WWE let go in recent memory and wanted to blog about whom I feel was a regret and who wasn't a regret.

    This is not a blog bashing TNA for all who TNA worshipers out there.

    And let me clear up that this list isn't full of names that were cut by the WWE. These are a list of guys that were either ...

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  4. Freshening John Cena's gimmick without turning heel.

    People have said that turning Cena heel will freshen his gimmick, however here I will list how they can freshen him up and make him stay face and win the crowd over.

    First he will have to change his gimmick up a little. Someone is getting a beatdown in the ring and people are chanting for Cena to come to the rescue, however he doesn't. He says that he should mind his ...

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  5. WWE: An Overview

    The last month has been a very interesting month. TNA has run a decent storyline, and has run clean endings to a PPV (For once.) The WWE is actually making people guess. So here we go.


    I like the Laurinaitis spin the WWE has. Yes, saw it coming. I just doubt though, that anyone could have gotten more heat than him at this time. His delivery is monotone. He lacks any ...
  6. Goldust- A Blog about Him finally!


    Hey its Gabriel, and I would like to say that Goldust is one of the most funniest wrestlers ever to bless a promo. I must admit I may be one of the few guys exicted about his return to wrestling. Personally I want to see Booker T and goldust do a program, or Goldust and his Real life half brother Cody Rhodes! I only hope he drops the stupid shock gimmick...If you did not know the reason ...
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  7. Top 5 Tag Team Matches in WWF/WWE History

    Today in the Top 5 we will be looking at Tag Team Wrestling in the WWF/WWE.

    Ever since Air Boom Won the Tag Titles, WWE has been giving the Tag team scene a much needed boost.... Tag Team Wrestling has never been WWF/WWEs Priority but they had some great classic Tag Team matches... So for all the Newer WWE wrestling fans who only know matches like Air Boom vs otunga and mcgillicutty ...

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  8. My Top 10 Picks for Worst Broken Bones in Wrestling History.

    I've seen reports like this before on many forums, but thought I'd like to share some of my picks. Warning some footage may be graphic!

    10. Sting breaks Rick Rude's Neck ending Rude's career:

    9. Joey Mercury gets hurt via a Ladder Match at Armageddon:

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  9. WWE superstars that deserve the Intercontinental/US Champion title shot

    Hey guys, I'll be talking about the superstars that deserve a Intercontinental or United States Champion shot so I hope you enjoy!

    The reason why I didn't do the World Champion is because most of the time, future talents always win a mid-card title before the big push

    Alex Riley - This guy is absolutely amazing. Decent in-ring abilities, mic skills are ok, he has good ...
  10. Does the WWE have us fooled?

    I was thinking last night what if they have fooled us into thinking HHH is a face then shocking us with him turning heel...wouldn't be the first time.

    The best storyline they have had in years is the CM Punk vs WWE and it seemed to end and now CM Punk is more of a Cena type of face. That got me thinking what if we are the short sited ones and this storyline is still going and we will ...

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