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  1. The Top 10 Pound for Pound Fighters in MMA Right Now.

    In a sport the likes of MMA, it's hard to advance since the opposition in each weight group is about equal in skills to each other. There are a few that dominate their division, but what I'm looking for here is pound for pound fighters. These Top 10 on my list are arguably the very best in MMA at this present time. Pound for Pound they can deliver. I know there are not a lot of people on this site ...
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  2. Ideas for The Undertaker's WM Streak Match

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here bringing another hot topic debate to the EWN Blog scene. This will be another short one and will only focus on The Undertaker and his WM Streak.

    By now, everyone heard HHH basically confirm his rematch with The Undertaker for this year's Wrestlemania, when he gave his speech at the Slammy Awards. Either that, or there will be no Undertaker match, ...
  3. State of the E' Review: Pre TLC

    You asked for it R(ob) so here it it is. It might make more sense if you listen to the show as your ready the review. It goes in order hand and hand.

    Kevin Matthews getting yelled at for starting off with the ending of the show. Come on Kevin go in order man!

    Tom makes a good point about taking the awards about being more serious, I think the slammy awards could actually ...
  4. WWE Deja Vu, Triple H, CM Punk

    Hey guys, Renevious here. I don't blog nearly as often as I used to, but there's a subject out there that's really starting to give me a severe case of the red ass. And that's all this talk about the Undertaker and Wrestlemania 28. Now I've been a huge fan of the Undertaker since the debut of his character 21 years ago, so all this talk about who he's going to fight and whether or not the streak will ...

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  5. Second Opinion: Who Should Win the Royal Rumble

    Here is a list of my opinions on who I think should win next year's Royal Rumble match.....


    [B]Kane:[/B] Everyone would probably expect someone like Kane, who is one of the major Superstars in WWE to have never won the Royal Rumble, to win the match and go on to WrestleMania and challenge a champion. Kane has just returned ...

    Updated 12-22-2011 at 06:38 PM by Frank

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  6. Top 20 ECW Stars of All Time

    Hey guys hope all is well. I've been watching all the ECW shows they've been airing and its really brought back some cool memories. ECW truly had the greatest fans ever and that's without a doubt. Those guys went nuts over anything. This was a small company that made a huge impact in wrestling so I thought I'd give my take on the greatest stars from the company.

  7. Is the Kane/Cena Feud a Good or Bad Idea?

    Hey Everyone. I'm actually getting sick of the name, DK Wrestling Savior, because I'm not the wrestling savior, I only wish I was rich enough to be one. I'm just an opinion man, so look for a change...right around January 2nd. *he he*

    I'm going to touch on a few things about the Jericho return before I go into the Kane vs Cena feud. This will be another quick one because TNA needs some ...
  8. Only Viable Cena Turn

    Since you actually clicked this, I can safely assume that you didn't just roll your eyes at another "Cena Heel Turn" blog. Bare with me on this one as I think it is actually a great way for Cena to turn heel and actually shows that, if the WWE did do this, they are well aware of their own faults.

    1) Put the WWE Championship Match, containing Champion Punk, after The Rock vs ...
  9. Who Will Win the Royal Rumble?

    Hey guys, BlackFalcon here. Well with the New Year coming up, there is one thing on every wrestling fan's mind... The Royal Rumble is just around the corner. The best thing about the Rumble is that is so unexpected, Legendary returns, unexpected turns, and the fun of the eliminations. Another good thing is that there are so many people who deserve to win it, and you really think they could. So who ...

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  10. Blog From Scotland : #newchampsnewday #whatstocomein2012

    So I was gonna do this Saturday night but decided to put it off until post TLC as I don't wanna use this blog to make predictions and such like. The past 2 Sundays have seen both TNA and WWE put on their final shows of 2011 and I have to say with all honesty WWE have definitely finished the year in a far stronger position than TNA did. One oter thing I should probably mention before going on with ...

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