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  1. Current Storylines and Where They're Going...

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here. I really need to change that name. Any suggestions? Nevermind. I'm just opening the floodgates of immaturity with that request.

    I'm going to do something a little different on this post. I won't be posting this weekend with Smackdown and TNA thoughts so I wanted to touch on the current storylines in the WWE. I will also be speculating on how I ...
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  2. TNA Presents: Lockdown 2012 Predictions and How I'd Book It

    Greetings community,
    I'd normally post an article like this under the forums section, but for some reason my iPAD isn't working right so I'm going to make this a blog.*

    Every year, TNA Wrestling hosts (in my opinion) one of the Top 10 Biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year. It is TNA's equivalent of WWE's Survivor Series, and it's name, is Lockdown.*
    This ...
  3. Top 20 Wrestlers deserving of HOF induction

    The WWE likes to make the Hall of Fame and it's induction night a large part of the Wrestlemania festivities. While I don't begrudge them this, in actuality I like the whole concept, the fact remains that the WWE Hall of Fame has a long way to go to be considered legitimate - which is something I'd like to see them strive to be. With this in mind I present here the 20 biggest names the WWE must ...

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  4. Does Sex and Profanity Make Wrestling Better?

    Thank you for reading my first blog post! Please go easy on me with the criticism because I am a newbie. My love for wrestling has run deep since I was a child and has been pretty constant except for a breif hiatus from 2004-2008. I loved the late eighties when most people thought it was unscripted (I won't call it "fake") , the ridiculous characters of the early nineties, and of course ...

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  5. Royal Rumble 2012: Who Is On The Road To Wrestlemania?

    In this blog, I wanted to take a look at this years royal rumble. I want to evaluate the likely candidates to win, and point out who I believe will walk away from the rumble with a guaranteed title shot. Let's get into it shall we?

    This year the royal rumble is back down to only 30 men. Personally, I prefer that. I thought the concept was interesting last year at 40, but just seemed like ...

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  6. How WWE Should Have Resurrected Kane

    We’ve seen it time and time again; WWE introduces big guys presented as ‘monsters’ but somewhere down the line they lose their credibility. The Big Show debuted in the WWF as a dominant Giant. He went on to win the WWF Championship before becoming this comic-value character who came to the ring as ‘Showkishi’, ‘The Big Showbowski’ or ‘The Showster’. The Great Khali debuted as one ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. Fixing the Brand Extension

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. Not too long ago I made a blog discussing the WWE dropping the brand extension, which I still believe they should do. However with the 2012 ppv lineup showing Bragging Rights returning I think it's more than safe to assume that after Mania the brand extension is going to be restored and we'll see the extension back in full swing. Now, I'm ok with this, ...
  8. The Internet is ruining WWE...

    I’m going to get straight to the point with this one, but in my opinion the internet and IWC has played a huge part in the demise of WWE and its popularity in recent times. This theory is one of the first reasons that come to mind when I try to compare ‘attitude era’ to the ‘PG era’. Internet was jus on the rise in the late 90’s and early 00’s and you would have had to be really rich ...
  9. WWE: The Nintendo of Wrestling

    Greetings and thank you for reading my blog. I hope you all enjoy my perspective on things. If you like it I may even do one once a week or once a month. Anyway enjoy the first edition of THE SNAKE PIT!

    Like many new people here I was going to rip the WWE a new one with another blog that did nothing but bash them but after cooling off I have decided not to do that. At first I thought

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  10. WWE's Storylines: Cena/Kane, Jericho, Punk/Laurinitis/Ziggler...

    Hello everyone welcome to LoGik's Thoughts & Opinions! So many blogs are circulating at the moment about current storylines and I thought I would give my take on current storylines on both raw and smackdown. Lets get into it!



    This current storyline was good to begin with. Now I feel that nothing will really come out of it although it is still ...

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