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  1. Do You Remember the Latino World Order?

    One of my favorite things to do on this planet is to have someone call out a wrestling gimmick or wrestler and I will spill everything that I know or remember about said gimmick or wrestler. Today I was challenged with Hector Garza, and while all I remember of Hector Garza was his penchant for corkscrew planchas from the turnbuckle to the outside, I was inspired to remember the Latino World Order ...
  2. Current News and Happenings in Wrestling and My Take on it

    1 Day removed from the WWE Elmination chamber PPV, I'm here to give my take on Whats going on in the Wrestling world.

    CM Punk vs Chris Brown Twitter War.
    It appears CM Punk and Chris Brown Exchanged some words on twitter. Heres what CM Punk had to say

    “I would like

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  3. Blog Wars 13: Top 5 Undertaker Streak Matches

    Welcome back to a historic edition of Blog Wars and my 30th blog. Now first off I will start doing #1 contender matches every Friday. I will post a simple topic at the bottom and anybody with any interest in Blog Wars should send me their lists. I will post the top 3 or 2 in a blog to determine the #1 Contender for the next show to find people who are serious about competing.
    Now for more ...
  4. WBC#1:Top 5 Technical Wrestlers

    [COLOR=#333333][B][FONT=Verdana]Welcome everyone to the very first episode of WBC. WBC stands for WrestlingBlogChallenge, it's basically when two bloggers go against each other, and you the viewers will vote in the comment box for which blog you think is better. The winner will be on every week defending there WBC Championship until they lose, and have to wait a while until it's there turn again. ...
  5. Elimination Chamber Review

    Last night WWE had the final major stop on the road to WrestleMania, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The Elimination Chamber match is a steel structure weighs over 10 tons, standing at 16 feet high and is comprised of 2 miles of chains that enclose the six superstars in the match. The themed pay-per-view now decides who will hold the World Heavyweight and WWE championships going into ...
  6. Attitude Era vs 'PG' Era


    Hi Everyone, I've been reading loads of blogs on the site for a while now and always like to find out others' opinions, but there's one thing I feel a lot of people are missing out on, so I've decided to write my first ever blog and cover the issue that's nagging at me.

    People have been talking about when HHH and HBK were in the ring together ...

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  7. Crisis Management: The GM of Both Brands?

    Sup everyone, Cousin Scribbler again! So I was catching up on the Elimination Chamber results (sadly, I was not surprised by any of the results... pity... but that's another rant for another time...) and noticed that one of the themes that came up was "who should be GM of bot RAW and Smackdown?" I find myself slightly intrigued by the idea. I'm sure it may have been done before at some point, ...

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  8. The Rise and Fall of the WWE

    Okay I wrote this Blog entery before Elimination Chamber so some things have been changed from the original.

    Wassup it's the TurtleMan here with my very first blog here, I've been muddling this around in my mind for a awhile now and I figured I would write a blog about guys in the wwe who got a push and then lost it for whatever reasion.

    First up......

    Drew ...

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  9. WWE Issues: Storylines, PPV, Talent, Titles & More!

    Hello all..!!

    Thanks for reading my earlier blogs. I know, I need to be a bit more frequent, but it does get tough to be a regular poster on eWN. What prompts me to post a blog now and then, is the true fan frustration in me coming to a boil and then bursting out. Like it did with my previous blogs.

    Now, this time round, I decided to step back and take a look at what exactly ...

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  10. Elimination Chamber: Opening Eyes, Closing Cases, and Overall Surprising.

    Hey sports entertainment fans of the world wide web. The Saviour here with a review of what I found to be a surprisingly very good PPV. Eyes have been opened, cases have been closed, the picture is becoming clearer as we come down the 6 week stretch before Wrestlemania XVIII. There was an equal amount of good and bad and that’s what I want to touch on. I’m sure this will bring on a lot ...

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