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  1. One Word To Describe WWE...PREDICTABLE

    I've watched WWE since the 80s and to be honest, every time I watch it these days I really ask myself why? I literally fast forward through 80% of the shows, and the parts I watch are just in hopes that something interesting is going to happen (which never does).
    This weeks Raw was so predictable its pathetic. Did anyone, even for a second think that Jericho wasn't going to win that Battle Royal? ...

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  2. Understanding My Rock Blog

    I wrote a Blog on here a few days ago about The Rock, Some people read it and understood it and some just stereo typed it. See I think The Blog wasnt clear enough for everyone so I will do my best to make it clear.

    Everyone who made a negative comment on my Last blog really missed the whole meaning. They assumed im just a Cena Fan and I hate the Rock. Well thats not the case and ill Explain ...

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  3. One simple solution to usher the WWE into modern life

    I am not going to go on and on and on about what we already know, that despite all the good happening with Mania coming up and some of the good things we see, that WWE is clearly ailing. Not in the terms of what we see on TV, big screen sets, lots of pyro, all of that presentation. What is ailing though more than anything, is identity. It is the one thing that they have been trying to re-find ...
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  4. CM Punk Vs John Cena - The Other Prespective

    Hi all and welcome to another blog.

    I have Knox to thank for this blog as I was reading his great blog about CM Punk and John Cena switching roles. I hope you don't mind me piggybacking on your blog Know but you stated that the blog is coming from the direction of a pro cena/anti punk fan and ...
  5. What If: The Cult of Cenation... John Cena and CM Punk

    Hi again folks, Scribbler Jones here again. I was watching some YouTube mash-up themes for various WWE superstars and just got to thinking of some oddball ideas. Let me start by saying: these are just some ideas I thought of, but am pretty sure they will never see the light of day; yes, I know a lot of people will jump to conclusions and not even hear me out; and I'm perfectly fine with that. With ...
  6. Cena and the Great One by the Roman One

    "Ya know what? Vince is probably gonna fine me for this one, but the only reason he came back in the first place was to promote Fast Five and launch his twitter account."

    Disclaimer: I'm not a Cena supporter--Nothing against the man but there are characters I'm more interested in on WWE shows. I'm also not an "Attitude Era Fan"--I watched WCW as a kid for awhile, then ...

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  7. Did John Cena & Cm Punk Switch Roles?

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well folks. I'm here today blogging on the recent character development and changes of Cm Punk. Before every starts reading, let me be honest....THIS WILL BE AN ANTI-PUNK & PRO-CENA BLOG. I'm just throwing that out there to all the "Punk-etts" out there. Now lets begin guys.

    Cm Punk: The Catalyst of Change?

    So Punk made a ...
  8. Re-booking history: The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

    Hey blog readers. I'm going to be doing a new thing where I re-book what I think should have occurred during past matches. Basically, i'm giving my spin on past matches and how it should have been booked. Lets get going.

    Wrestlemaina X8: The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

    ​This match was two generations

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  9. WBC#2:Top 5 Elimination Chamber matches

    [COLOR=#333333][B][FONT=Verdana]I am MR Boss, and this is the second ever WBC(WrestlingBlogChallenge)I just want to say WBC will be on every Thursday so make sure to check it out. Today's topic is about the Elimination Chamber I know I am a bit late, but I say so what. We have the first ever WBC Champion Bearkg88 having his first Title defence against Renevious. We will see a new Champion already ...
  10. WWE: 'What The Hell' Of The Week

    Drew McIntyre.

    As I said in an earlier blog, the so-called 'Chosen One' has done nothing for ages. So what the hell happened? Well, everybody's thoughts have more or less been confirmed by, who says he's in the doghouse.

    However, there is hope for 'The Sinister Scotsman', as PWInsider also says that McIntyre's losing streak will culminate into a character ...

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