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  1. 11 epic Raw matches of all time

    Hello blog-readers. I have decided to count down the top 11 best matches that took place on Raw, WWE's flag-ship show! This is pretty much my first time doing a countdown blog and I'm excited to give my opinion on the top 11 Raw matches! Lets get down to it!

    #11: Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels 2/16/04
    On Raw, these two guys put on a classic. Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels were ...
  2. Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event: WM 28 Card

    Hey guys I am back with another blog before I start here is a bonus paragraph on Kane:

    Is Kane Done?:
    Well its true, the character has reached its end storyline wise. I think it was a great send-off just that Cena shouldn't have been the one to do it. We all know he has history with Undertaker and that would've been the more likable choice but I wish it would've ended in a more concrete

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  3. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Dream matches

    Hey everyone. Hope your all excited for WrestleMania in just over a month. I know I am. This time, I am going to share with you my opinion on some dream matches.

    [B]Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg [/B]
    The two most powerful superstars in the history of wrestling. Both with the Spear as their finisher and they know how to make it effective. I would have liked to have seen this match. ...
  4. My Experience being the WM XXVIII Winner!

    The following was sent in from David Courtney:

    On November 2nd I went to the WWE website before I left for work. They had a contest on there called "did you know", like the vignettes they show on RAW that give little facts about how RAW is dominating TV. So I clicked on the link and followed the prompts. It asked me a few questions and said that the more questions you answered
  5. Greatest rivalries all-time in WWE history 95-present.....

    Why start 95? It was too cartoonish along with the fact Hogan among others beat everyone they faced. Key word: WWE in the title. This isn't NWA, WCW, or other organizations. Just WWEs....I'm seperating Women and tag division from this. Decided not to # these because it will be criticized for how high or how low it should be. Everyone has an opinion, but these are the greatest rivalries in WWE history. ...
  6. CM Punk and Steve Austin The Epic feud of The Anti Heroes?hell yes or HELL NO!!!

    Whats up, people. I am doing blogs less, and less now a days starting from now it's my official return I am am going to lighten up this place again. Anyway the topic I have decided is about Austin, and Punk.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars in all of WWE/WWF. Austin has have classic matches, and feuds with the likes of HHH,Undertaker, Kurt Angle,Rock,HBK,Vince ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. Re-booking history: Chris Benoit's World Heavyweight Title reign

    Hello blog readers. If you don't know or have been living under a rock (), I usually do blogs where I re-book past angles and feud. This time, I'm going to re-book Chris Benoit's World Heavyweight Title reign. I'm going to point out the problems with his reign and fix them with my own booking solutions based on my opinion. Lets get into things shall we!

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  8. How The Ratings Are Ruining The Ratings In WWE

    I've mentioned this in a couple of threads now, but think it warrants it's own thread.

    I think that WWE's obsession with ratings breakdowns are seriously hurting the product and the wrestlers. Before the WWE had such and intense and detailed breakdown of what was rating when and where (with WWE deciding the WHY for themselves), guys had the time to get over. WWE were obviously ...
  9. Thoughts on WWE's mid-card division

    Hey blog readers. Its my 5th blog and I want to switch it up a bit. I wanna talk a little bit about the current state of the mid-card division. Now I hear a lot of people complain about the mid-card division not being what it used to be. They say that the mid-card belts aren't prestigious as it once were. To me, I just don't get these complaints. Now I understand why some have a reason to complain ...

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  10. BLOG WARS - Sell It - Best Tag Team EVER

    Here is your chance to Sell it! Forget eras, timelines etc....Who is the best tag team ever in your opinion?

    Here is how it works!

    List you best ever team and give up to 5 reasons why!
    Everyone check it out...submit your favorite and then come back next Saturday, 3/3 and vote! We will then proclaim the ewrestlingnews greatest tag team of ...

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