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  1. Dean Ambrose - slowly rising to superstardom?

    machoo mann blogging here again, this time about FCW's the most captivating wrestler and persona, Dean Ambrose. I wasn't quite aware of Jon Moxley (his in-ring name at CZW) nor his ring work or matches there. I recently have watched some FCW footage and most of all, I studied Dean Ambroses path from his debut to current time at FCW. He has had great matches, of course with the likes of Seth Rollins ...

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  2. Where to go with the Gm feud...

    This blog will be similar to my What to do with Kane blog but this time it’ll focus on the General Manager feud. If anyone has a good name suggestion for these type of blogs feel free to post it in the comments.

    So the GM feud has been going on for a while and it’s obvious that there will be some type of match focused around it at wrestlemania. As with my previous blog I’ll ...
  3. The Miz

    I am writing this blog basically because I think he still has a lot of potential and whats happening now is hurting him. To understand him though, you have to go to the beginning.

    The Miz left MTV to pursue a career in pro wrestling. He got a huge break thanks to being on Tough Enough. However, no one expected him to get far and though he would be sent home early. But surprisingly ...
  4. Tag Teams Matter Again

    The discussion was in topic today about putting R-truth and Santino together, yea it sounds cute funny... woohoo. Yet they should stand on there own.

    This is only the beginning :

    my answer:

    R- Truth is 40 years old right now, and a former NWA heavyweight champion. Where is putting in a tag team with Santino justice to R-truth as an innovator, and ...
  5. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Draft 2012

    Hey everyone, this time I would try something different. I would like to share with you my opinion on the 2012 WWE Draft Lottery...if there is one this year.

    CM Punk (RAW) vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown)
    [B]Winner via GTS: CM Punk (Big Show drafted to RAW)[/B]

    Randy Orton (SmackDown) vs. Dolph Ziggler (RAW)
    [B]Winner via RKO: Randy Orton (John Cena drafted to ...
  6. Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania XX

    Hey everyone. I wasn't planning on doing this until Friday or Saturday, but ended up having free time tonight and thought I'd write it up now instead of later. On this edition of FFTP, I am going to take a look back at Wrestlemania 20, as we countdown to the spectacle that is this years Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 20 was the second Mania I had watched, and by far my favorite so far. At this time, Smackdown ...
  7. WBC#4:Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches

    [COLOR=#333333][B][FONT=Verdana]Welcome to WBC(WrestlingBlogChallenge)Last week we had Renevious finally defeat the WBC Champion Bearkg88 in their gruesome feud in the first ever Triple Threat match. Bearkg88 was the Champion, so he gets a Title Rematch if he fails again hes at the back of the line, but if he wins him, and Renevious will have one more bout next week.
    WBC Tournament! ...

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  8. State Of The "IC":Breaking The Walls Down

    I've been thinking alot about the Intercontinental Championship, Cody Rhodes, and the future of the I.C. Title

    Alot of title runs lately have either been at unscheduled match or through an undetermined contender. This is especially true for the IC title. Before Cody captured the IC from Ezekiel Jackson, the title was thrown around ALOT which made this title lose alot of ...
  9. Heels or Faces? How about a Tweener Stable

    Afternoon folks!!!! This is my second blog posting.... I chose a topic in which I see in the forums alot on this website, but added an idea that I think would make the WWE more interesting than it has been of late... We talk constantly about things like : Will Cena turn heel? or Is the Big Show a better face or heel? In addition brand separation has gotten watered down IMO with the "supershows" ...

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  10. Realistic Possible Tag Teams

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. I wanna blog once again on some possible tag teams. I've done a blog like this once or twice before but I feel like the time has come to make another one. Let me first of all thank everyone who enjoys my blog whether they love them or not. I also wanna thank Frank for approving my blogs all the time.

    Qualifications of a good Tag Team:

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