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  1. The Jericho Situation

    The breaking news of Jerichos suspension is both unfortunate for the WWE and sad for us fans. Although the desecration of any nations flag should be considered the most offensive cheap heat a wrestler can get lets put this into a bit of perspective. From the footage I’ve seen of the event Jericho grabs the flag from Punk, crumples it up and then kicks it out of the ring. When you compare that to ...
  2. WBC Top 5 Series #7: Top 5 Big Men

    Hello everyone! Time for another blog from two of EWN's very own! This week, Playboy Stevie V will defend his blog against a new comer to the blogging world, eboy. The topic this week, will be Big Men. Now here is the interesting twist. One could easily argue that Big Show or the Undertaker ...
  3. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - The Art of Story Telling

    When the Connecticut Blueblood faced off against Rocky Maivia during Monday Night Raw in 1997, we saw a match between two future wrestling legends for a belt that had great value. The build for the match wasn’t done through video packages and mic work. The story of the young underdog overcoming the pretty boy heel for his first WWF title was accomplished through story telling wrestling.

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  4. Sudden Impact: Match of the Year Candidate?

    Hey Wrestling Fans. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, bringing a fresh perspective on all things TNA...No talking about the evil empire in this blog.

    Rather than bore everyone with a long and drawn out intro or lead in to the blog, let's just get down to business.


    This week's Impact marked the second Open Fight Night. ...
  5. Wrestling's Most Prestigious Championships (WWE & TNA)

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanna blog on the WWE & TNA Titles and rank them all and see what you all think, this should be fun, hope you all enjoy. I'm ranking based on current prestige over the past 3 or so years.

    For all that read my last blog and seen the racist comments left, I wanted to take this time to apologize on the behalf
  6. STATE OF THE 'E: My, What An Interesting Time This Is

    [B]WELCOME BACK!!![/B] It's been friggin' forever since I've done a blog and I've felt the need to do one since [B]EXTREME RULES[/B] last month. Never got around to it unfortunately and with my baby being born a couple weeks ago, things have been harder than I thought!

    Either way, none of you guys care about that. You care about the topic at hand: [B]PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT WRESTLING!![/B] ...
  7. Chris Benoit - The factual, Unbiased View

    After reading some very biased, and badly written blogs about Chris Benoit, I felt I had to write my own blog on this very controversial subject.

    I have been praised for my blogs, as they are informative, and I try my best to be unbiased in my views.
    I can admit that I was a big Chris Benoit fan when he was alive, he didn't need to be great on the microphone, he did not need a ...

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  8. Top 10 Ladder matches in WWE history!!

    I'm going to exclude TLC matches which include Cena vs Edge and Summerslam 2000. Don't expect to see those matches on here. Just pure ladder matches!! This is my opinion of the top 10 greatest Ladder matches in history. If you get no wow factor from the crowd or are probably going to be very low on this list. So here we go:

    1.Wrestlemania 2000 Triangle Ladder match-Hardyz, Dudleyz, ...
  9. Dear Bloggers...

    I want to thank everyone for leaving their opinions on the blog that I recently wrote. I want to thank [B]EwrestlingNews[/B] ( [B]Rob[/B]) for giving the okay to let the blog be published. As I know many of you go on this website and write blogs, I do not want to jepordize myself from being released as I call it from this website. I was thinking for hours of what to say, and thankfully I pitch an ...
  10. A Very Different John Cena

    I always wondered what John Cena does outside of wrestling. There is not much that i know about his life outside of wrestling. That was until my brother introduced me to 4 songs.

    I'm a fan of hip-hop. That music is every kind of feeling i enjoy about music smashed into one genre. And imagine my brother telling me "John Cena is really good at rapping." My response would be the ...

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