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  1. Upcoming Money In The Bank Booking

    What's up all fellow bloggers and forum members? I'm back today with my ideal layout of what I feel has become Number 5 on the list of "WWE's Big 4 Pay-Per-Views Of The Year."
    Now granted, it's most likely that this year's Money In The Bank will not be in the same league as last year's amazing event was, but I'm still confident that this will still (hopefully) turn ...

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  2. A WWE Movie?


    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about the possibilities of the WWE making a movie based on the WWE from the 80s to today. Just a pure film with actual actors that shows the mastermind of Vince and how his product got to where it is today.

    Why a WWE movie would work?
    It would be an opporunity for the WWE to ...
  3. WWE Monday Night Raw 6/18/12 Review

    Mick Foley Segment

    I was legitimately surprised to see Mick Foley come out to start Raw as I didn't know Raw was in Mick's hometown of Long Island.

    For me its always nice to see Mrs. Foley's baby boy and it was interesting to find out from him that former General Managers will be hosting Raw and Smackdown each week over
  4. WWE Dropping the Ball

    I might be in the minority here, but Johnny Ace was one of the best things WWE had going right now. Yeah sure the Punk-Bryan feud is bringing us great matches every other night but the "crazy chick" storyline is absolutely terrible. The People Power movement was fantastic and should be remembered for more than just another power hungry boss trying to take control. John Laurinaitis might ...
  5. Should Cena become a Tweener...

    Before I start, im not a Cena hater. I enjoyed his matches vs The Rock and Brock Lesnar and his promos on the Rock were very entertaining. In this blog I'll be looking at why the IWC hate Cena (the character not the person) and what should be done about it.

    Cena's promos are very one dimensional. As a face its much harder to cut a promo, Cena takes the easy way out (imo) ...

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  6. Top 10 most deserving to be in the HOF, right now!!

    Right now is the key words in the title for you folks reading this out there. Right now is used in the title because I know several people will take shots at me for having guys such as HHH, Taker, Rock, and so forth not on this list. Why don't I have them on the list, there are others in the 80s and earlier who deserve to get in before them. That is why guys like Warrior and Nash turn down the honor ...

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  7. The Title Says It All...

    Well hello again all. This be my second blog on here now, my first being "Digital Era Killed The Pay Per View Star. Since writing that one I have been thinking about what bugs about wrestling today and one thing that was constant in my thoughts were title belts and how disrespected and devalued they have been these last few years.

    Mt first point is probably something everyone ...
  8. A "Realistic" Road to SummerSlam Part 1

    So starting off after the No Way Out PPV:

    I don't like to sit back and criticize other people's ideas and such. I'm referring to the WWE creative team. I have no idea what goes on behind those doors when they come up with the stuff they do. Perhaps they oftentimes come up with awesome ideas that are shut down by Triple H or Vince, who knows? So I don't necessarily blame them wholeheartedly,
  9. WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Dolph Ziggler proved in this match that he has the ability to be in a World Title match where he and the champion are the focus.

    This match had a big time feel to it and rightfully so because it was great. Sheamus and Ziggler were both on top of their game and have actually developed
  10. The Abdominal Stretch: Special No Way Out Edition

    Hey wrestling fans from everywhere and wherever, The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch.

    I know it's not my usual posting day, because I usually wait until after Raw but I have to do an Abdominal Stretch Special for tonight's No Way Out PPV.
    It was a good PPV, but I won't say it was better than Over The Limit. However, the HIGH lights definitely outweighed ...
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