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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    Hey everyone. I'm here with another opinion and this time I am going to share with you my thought on the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. I hope you all enjoy this.

    First of all, the Cruiserweight title was a Championship specially made for the Cruiserweights in WWE. This is what boosted the careers of the likes of Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms.

    Superstars ...
  2. Finishing moves that would actually hurt!!

    I believe a poster on here made a blog with finishing moves. What made me more critical of it he wasn't choosing moves that actually would hurt. Which is why I created this blog post for all of you. I'm sure I may have missed a few, but I believe this is solid list everyone could agree on. Here is a list of 10 finishing moves that would actually hurt!!!:

    1.Tombstone-So basically Taker ...
  3. Abdominal Stretch Special: Where It All Stands Now

    Hey Wrestling Fans from Everywhere and Wherever. The Saviour here with a very, very special edition of The Abdominal Stretch. Why is this edition so special? Because I retired the Abdominal Stretch over a month ago, and am bringing it back for ONE…MORE…POST.

    That’s right. This will be my last blog post in regards to WWE. Unfortunately, I’ve come to a realization that I’ve ...
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  4. Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty: PLEASE STAND UP!

    In today’s WWE, under-utilized talent is a hot topic.
    There is always that rumour, now and again, through the grape vine (ala wrestling websites) that someone is in order for a push, but then just end up fading into obscurity…or unemployment (or knock on TNA’s door). Just look at what happened to Chris Masters in late 2010/ealy ’11 – we all read about his push that was set to ...
  5. Blog Wars Olympics: Top 5 Tag Teams Ended Early 2

    Welcome back to the 3rd match in this exciting Blog Wars tournament. Last time Rated_R(ob)KO won in a very close match against akbar. This match will have the same list as the last but we will be getting two different opinions on the subject. Representing Team USA will be DK Wrestling Savior and representing Team UK will be their captain Van Hooligan X. Here is the list...

    Top ...
  6. WBC Top 5 Special: Top 10 Moments In Raw Part 2

    Ok guys,, now here is part two! Up first is another challenger and former champ, Playboy Stevie V!

    Playboy Stevie V

    Well I was called on to come up with a top 10 RAW moments of all time as a surprise entrant...SURPRISE! This is gonna be tough cause I’ve been going through all the moments I can remember and putting them in order of a top ten is very hard. I know I’m gonna ...
  7. WBC Top 5 Special: Top 10 Moments In Raw Part 1

    What is up guys and gals? It is time for another edition of WBC, and this week, the champ Akbar has a decent number of challengers. Originally it was going to be Akbar defending against T-Hughes and Darkside Ron Garvin, but as a twist unbeknownst to those three, I added a former champ, Playboy Stevie V, into the mix. I am splitting this blog into two parts. Please make sure to read both parts before ...
  8. The Wrestling Backfire: What Makes A Wrestling Match Special

    Instead of talking about the 1,000th Raw, I decided to do something different today. As I stated in my previous column, I was going to do why wrestling was better without Vince McMahon, but due to the 1,000th Raw being today, I didn’t want to rain on his parade. So, I decided to talk about what makes a wrestling match special, at least to me. This took a long time so I hope you enjoy it a lot.

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  9. Meltdown: Smackdown Review

    Meltdown: Smackdown Review

    Welcome to the very first show of Meltdown! I have seen a lot of reviews from people about Raw,Wrestlers,Guest Hosts ect. But I don't remember ever seeing a Smackdown Review in the Blog section of EWN, so I have decided to do one for all you Smackdown fans, ...

    Updated 07-22-2012 at 05:49 AM by deadly56

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  10. Many ways to test Ryback as a draw

    Ryback has been getting pushed heavily in the WWE. He has a winning streak, defeating jobbers and WWE Superstars in singles or handicap bouts. Vince Mcmahon has even deemed Ryback as someone he would build a company around. Since Vince Mcmahon sees Ryback as one of his future top babyfaces, than Ryback is going to continue to get a solid push. However, Vince may be wrong. Ryback may not reach the ...

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